Weekly Menu Plan #21

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Heather says

This week will be short and sweet as I’m traveling for business. I’ll likely eat too much and regret it when reality comes crashing in on Monday. On a side note, the older two minions and I are planning on doing the i5k in April. I hate, loathe, and despise running, but I’ve got to start doing something and it’s what fits with my schedule. To get ready for this, the kids and I are using C25K, the older two jog and the younger one rides her bike. With 15 weeks to go we’ll repeat the first week this week, if anyone is interested in playing along I can start a Facebook group. Just leave a comment and I’ll put it together.

Hits from last week’s menu:

Buffalo chicken tacos – I thought the kids would maybe tolerate this, but I was blown away by how quickly they disappeared, I’ll need to make more for next time. I just used frozen chicken breasts brushed with wing sauce and baked until done. I diced the meat and served with tortillas and diced, peeled cucumber. The kids could add cheese and ranch if they wanted, I went for a just a little blue cheese dressing. Easy peasy, definitely getting added to the rotation.

BBQ chicken sandwiches – Before I took the kids to school in the morning I put frozen, split, chicken breasts into the slowcooker and added a little bit of bbq sauce. I set it to low and went about my business, dinner time rolled around and I toasted buns, shredded the chicken (removing bones and skin) and stirred in with a little more BBQ sauce.  There was a fair amount leftover, but this was on purpose. The chicken also really worked well in taco form.

BBQ Chicken Salad

BBQ chicken salad on Saturday took advantage of the leftovers. Pro-Tip when making a giant salad for several adults, a sheet tray makes a great serving dish.

This week:

Monday: Ground pork tacos and salad
Tuesday: Pork loin with sun dried tomatoes and Parmesan, sauteed kale, sweet potato, and onions
Wednesday: Red beans and rice – I froze the leftovers from last week.

As I said, I’ll be traveling this week, so it’s a short one from the planning side of things. What worked for your family last week —feel free to share a link to a recipe— and what didn’t?

What will you be making this week? Anything new to you?

 Photo Credit: Ray Bergman

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4 thoughts on “Weekly Menu Plan #21”

  1. Trying to use up food in the pantry and freezer so there may be some strange combos. Made chili with smoked sausage instead of beef which my husband ate but preferred the original version. We went out looking for a new stationary exercise bike since our old one died. Actually just a belt died but they no longer make that belt and couldn’t find one online. All the bikes were HUGE and over $400.00. I decided to start walking the track at our high school stadium. I didn’t realize I was feeling stressed about this purchase but now I feel a big weight off my shoulders. Cheers to 2015!

    • Thank you. Here’s to 2015 🙂

      I have a stand for my road bike. I need to get it out of the garage or set it up in the garage and start using it again. It was significantly cheaper than a stationary bike and only mildly a pain in the rear to set up. Obviously this only works if you have a bike already, but I figured I would mention it in case you hadn’t heard of this option.

  2. Even though I had some recipes bookmarked last week, I still had cheese and crackers for dinner three nights because I just couldn’t get myself in a spot to start dinner in a timely manner. And since it’s “just me” it didn’t seem to matter much, but while that’s fine for one night, it’s really sad by night three! So for this week I’m soaking some beans to make a bean chili (no standing recipe, just playing with it) for dinner and plan on making this salad for lunch the remainder of the week: http://pinchofyum.com/vietnamese-chicken-salad-with-rice-noodles

    • But did you eat over the sink to not make any dishes?

      I’ve been there.

      There are some evenings, when I don’t have the kids that I’ve been known to have a spoon of peanut butter and call it good. And we aren’t even going to talk about the sad state of breakfast and lunch. You’re human. 🙂

      (There are also nights where you can sub an entire box of Cheez-Its for a spoon of peanut butter while watching an entire season of House of Cards)


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