Weekly Organizational Challenge Kick Off

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It’s the first Sunday of the New Year. In 2023, this just happens to coincide with New Year’s Day, and we want to wish each and every one of you the happiest of New Years.

We are also happy to announce that we are restarting the Weekly Organizational Challenge.

We ran this back in 2016, and if you are anything like us, life has accumulated in the interim.

Much like The Deep Clean Challenge. each week, we’re issuing a quick organizational challenge to complete by the week’s end. And, just like the Deep Clean Cycle, you can rinse and repeat at the end as many times as you wish. This way, you can repeat any challenges you missed or perform maintenance to keep stuff from sneaking back in and piling back up.

Ready for your first challenge?

Week One’s Challenge: Get Ready for Success

This week, your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to find three containers. You will be using them throughout the six-month challenge. Each week, as we enter our area to organize, our goal is to limit our need to leave that area until we are done. This strategy is to keep our focus on the immediate challenge, reduce the temptation to clean down the rabbit trail, and make our lives easier by creating a habit.

These containers are to hold the items that need to be moved elsewhere.

One container will be for recycling, shredding, and/or trash, another for items that belong in another place in your home, and the third for items that no longer serve you and need to be donated or sold.

Bonus challenge: Figure out where you will store the “to donate” or “to sell” items until they can be donated or picked up. Having the plan now will remove an objection to starting next week.

As you enter each week’s challenge area, you won’t have to make as many decisions, which increases your chance for success. When you have finished that week’s challenge, you deal with the content of each container and call it good.

Small challenges and fewer decisions equal big wins over time.


Let’s do this!

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