What Kind Of Swimmer Are You?

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Ivy says:

The past year has been one of vast changes for me. Some have been beyond my control, like the death of my grandma. Others I have initiated, like my weight loss/exercise program. All of it reminds me of how people approach a pool that’s somewhat cold.

Now, I like to swim in water that is bathtub warm, but I love swimming so much, I’ll tolerate colder water, if it’s not too cold. I love to watch how people get into the cool water. Some very gradually get in the water, toe deep, ankle deep, knee deep, etc. Others jump right in. Me, I dip a toe into the water and determine whether it’s too cold to go in altogether. Then,  I jump right in. The way I figure it, you’re in for a terrible, terrible shock at first, but you quickly get used to it and then have a lot more time to enjoy swimming around than the gradual folks do.

Major life changes are a lot like swimming, if you think about it. Sometimes you’re thrown in and don’t have a chance to decide, but a lot of changes are based on choice. While in swimming, I am a jumper-inner, in life, I tend to be more of a gradual type. It’s occurred to me that I need to be more like the way I swim. Jump right in, deal with the big shock, then enjoy the swimming. That’s how I’ve been trying to handle it lately.

What about you? Are you a jumper-inner or a gradual swimmer? What about in real life?

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10 thoughts on “What Kind Of Swimmer Are You?”

  1. What a great “thought starter”…. I am a …..put my toe in—if it’s cold I don’t get in……unless of course my grandchildren are in and want me to join them…….God Bless, Pam. South Bend

  2. I’ve just found your blog this week and I love it. this really made me think. I’ve been pushed in the water alot the last 2 years or so but I have to say that when given the chance I’m a toe dipper. I wish I was more of a person that jumped right in for most things. Every once in a while I do jump right in and find that the water is fine and that all that touch and test just makes for more stress. Great post, very thought provoking.

  3. Well, I don’t swim. I know some people say that but I really mean it. Last time I put my head underwater and tried to see if I could swim I was ten (I’m 25 now). I’ve got ear issues and well I could swim and be in pain or I could stay out of the pool and preserve my hearing, a.k.a. not be deaf by the time I turn 30.

    That being said in life I tend to hesitate for a moment and then jump in. I’d rather get things done or I know it will get better so I get started so I can get to that “better”.

  4. I was a life guard and swam competitively when I was a teenager. Then I jumped in. Now, without a purpose, I gradually get in the water. But in real life, I jump right into pretty much everything!

  5. Like with the pool I ease my way in…but very soon I’m gonna start diving right in and shock the hell out of everyone. I can’t wait!

  6. Well the last three or so years havent given me much of an option; it’s been pretty much in for a penny, in for a pound, full force, non-stop. Hyperbole much? Me, nevah!

    Seriously though prior to the last few years I was probably more hesitant, at least by a little, but now I do just like with swimming: get in, get it over with and think about it later. Muuuuch later, heh.

  7. Heee! What a fun question.

    I’m completely a “wade in slow” kind of girl. In life and the pool, I want to be able to evaluate the situation as I go.

    I can function if I’m thrown in, but it really stresses me out.

  8. My husband and I are both jumper inners…both in the pool and in life. This can be very bood sometimes, but most times it is more stressing. We tend to not think through things through and just go for them, it tends to back fire on us. We keep telling ourselves we will learn, but I really don’t think so. It is just not in our nature, take us to an amusement park though and we are a ton of fun:)

  9. Cold water swims are my favorite. I just feel so free when I swim during the fall and winter. Of course, I don’t do it for long!


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