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  1. Watching I realized Ops are drummers. We bring the beat.

  2. Uber surge charge. Yup.

  3. Less great. Still great.

  4. Out of beer half way through. :-(

  5. Sadly the stereotypical "craft beer dude" is strong here.

  6. First time. Was worth it.

  7. Sent a support request to SlackHQ titled "undefined NaNundefined, NaN at NaN:NaN... BATMAN!"

  8. My freenode account "Registered : May 17 22:22:12 2001 (14y 40w 6d ago)". I am old :-(

  9. Looking at , I am reminded why I always fork and maintained my own

  10. These Primary results are depressing.

  11. The cat hasn't wanted to go out for days due to the cold, but tonight, one of the coldest....

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    "delete/backspace takes you back a page in browser history" is on my worst-UI-decisions-of-all-time shitlist. It's a UX atrocity.

  13. Verifying myself: I am amblin on Keybase.io. 46GRc8mkF9BTr28DTbkV9Idvywx3HVwDO3qz /

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    the stages of grief: 1. denial 2. preparation 3. commitment 4. acceptance ...wait no that's paxos, those are the stages of paxos

  15. Flying over West Ashley just now. Ugh.

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      Database and DevOps enthusiast. Wannabe Stoic. RAX

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      Perhaps we shall make this the official twitter account of Keybase. Perhaps not. Still deciding... A passion project by and

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