Q: I want to print a recipe, but I don’t want the pictures or extra text.
A: At the bottom of each post there is a PrintFriendly button, it makes customizing the page for printing super easy, just click away the things you don’t want.

Q: There are plenty of household sites out there. What makes you so special?
A: It’s the delivery.  I know the information is out there, I just bring household knowledge to readers with a fun, manageable style.

Q: Who sponsors Home Ec 101?
A: Occasionally I have companies sponsor giveaways, I sell ad space, and there are affiliate links, but Home Ec 101 has no parent company.

Q: What is an affiliate link?
A: An affiliate link means I have created a business relationship with a retailer. If a reader purchases a product I’ve recommended though a link (there is a cookie with a Home Ec 101 specific code), then I receive a small percentage of the sale. The consumer gets the product at the normal price.
I do a lot with the Amazon and ShareASale programs.

Q: Why the retro look?
A: Why not? It’s smart and sassy, much like your hostess.

Q: Do you give interviews? Would you be on our podcast?
A: Absolutely.

Q: Do you have a press kit / media kit?
A: Yes. Here, media kit. If you need it in another format, send an e-mail to Heather@Home-Ec101.com.

Q: Why are you any better than FLYlady?
A: I’m not. Sometimes people enjoy a different approach to the same problems.

Q: Are those menu plans you posted real?
A: Yes, but they are just plans. Like everyone else, I occasionally get off track. The menu plans help me keep our food budget under control.

Q: Are you really writing a book?
A: It’s done! It will be out March of 2011.

Q. Are you a mommyblogger?
A. If by that you mean am I a parent with a website / blog, then technically yes. Personally, I find the term patronizing. This site has some advice for parents but it’s mostly of the how to clean up what comes out the wrong end variety.

Q: Are the questions you answer real?
A: Almost all of them. Occasionally I make one up if there is something I feel needs to be addressed.

Q: Is there an easy way to browse the recipes?
A: Yes, see the Cook It tab in the navigation bar.

Q: I like what you are doing, is there any way I can help out?
A: It’s easier than you think. Just tell people about the site. Send in your questions. Comment. Feedback really helps me know I’m making a difference.

Q: But I’m too shy to comment, what else?
A: If you use sites like StumbleUpon, Twitter, or Facebook a thumbs up or shout out is always appreciated.

Q: Anything else?
A: I suppose. There will be t-shirts soon, I certainly wouldn’t be against you buying one, but only if you actually plan on wearing it or giving it to someone who will. Don’t buy it out of guilt or pity.  Well I might be able to take a pity purchase, but no guilty ones.

Q: Who are you anyway?
A: See right here.

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