Wash It

While cycling laundry a silly tune was stuck in my head and some new lyrics came to me and I must share the pain with you all.

♫The Laundry Song♫

This is the chore that never ends.

Yes, it goes on and on my friend. 
Some people started washing it not knowing how it’s done and now I’m washing forever just because.

Repeat ad infinitum, just like the laundry. I know you aren’t here for an earworm, you are here for laundry tips and tricks. Good news, you are in the right place. We’ve got everything from why the temperature of your water matters to the strange reason your white shirt or underwear may be turning blue.

Over the years I’ve written over 120 articles on laundry and you reap the benefits!

120 Tips and Tricks to make doing laundry easier


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Laundry Tips

How To Launder “Unusual” Items

How To Get Rid Of Odors in Material


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It’s Washed – now what?

Laundry Room

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4 thoughts on “Wash It”

  1. Any tips on cleaning poop off of the cover of a cloth bean bag chair? The tag reads "Do not open under any circumstance." It's a $20 bean bag chair from Target and I don't just want to "get anodder one" as my toddler suggests. btw, the toddler was the poop culprit.

    • get one of those big contractor bags and take the bb chair outside put the chair inside the bag unzip and dump all the filling in the bag. remove the chair and tie the bag shut. shake out all the remaining filling bits. zip the chair and pretreat the stains then launder. refill the chair outside. GOOD LUCK


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