Welcome Home! The Deep Clean Challenge Week 7

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Welcome back to The Deep Clean Challenge. This week we are cleaning the entryway to your home. Depending on how your home is set up, this could be your front door, you may use a side door or the backdoor. This is not as much about a guest’s first impression of your home as it is about yours. We want you to feel welcomed when you arrive.

If you’re just joining us, so far, as part of The Deep Clean Challenge, we have:

Why are we cleaning the entryway?

It’s just nice to come home to an inviting, functional space.

What will we be cleaning in the entryway?

The interior and exterior of the door, any windows and window coverings, any furniture in the immediate vicinity, any light fixtures, doormats, and flooring.

What tools do we need to clean the entryway?

  • A vacuum with a soft bristle attachment and a crevice tool if there is carpeting
  • Window cleaner and paper towels or newspaper
  • If you have wood furniture polish and an applicator (rag) or paste wax
  • A stepladder or sturdy chair
  • A screwdriver if needed to clean the light fixture
  • Dilute degreaser
  • If you have allergies, a mask
  • Broom/Mop/Dustpan/Foxtail

How do we get started with this week’s challenge to clean the entryway?

Before Saturday, take a good look at your entryway. Is there a place that turns into a dumping ground? What is getting dropped there? Mail? Keys? School bags? Work items? Pet leashes? Dog waste bags?

Could an inexpensive purchase fix the issue? A pretty bowl to catch your keys? A hook to hang a bag or purse? A mail sorter? A small trashcan/recycling bin to ensure junk mail is immediately dealt with?

If you can set yourself up to replace your current habits instead of just trying to change them, you may have better success keeping the entryway clean and functional.

How long should cleaning the entryway take?

Do you have a lot of organizing to do? Is there a lot of mud that has been tracked in that needs to be dealt with? In general, the entryway is one of the less time-consuming zones of the house, but that doesn’t mean the project can’t balloon. Remember that The Deep Clean Challenge is not meant to be an all-day grind. Set a timer, set your expectations and have another go on the rinse and repeat, if necessary.

Let’s get started with cleaning the entryway.

Have you texted your friend/accountability partner? Do you have your music or podcasts loaded and ready to go? Timer set? Let’s go!

As usual, we are going to use our top to bottom, left to right, dry to wet approach. Allergies? Mask on.

Start with knocking down any cobwebs. Is there a light fixture? Let’s get that cleaned up.

Are there any out-of-place items that need to be put away? When you were planning on how you were going to keep this area clean going forward, did you buy any hooks or other items that need to be hung? Now would be a good time to hang them.

Clean any windows and window coverings.

Dust and then clean any smudges. When you look for smudges, pay attention to the switch plates, trim around waist and shoulder height, and scuff marks.

Time to get low.

Take any doormats or runners outside and shake them. Now, clean the baseboards. If the area is carpeted, use your vacuum’s crevice tool along the edge.

Clean the flooring. Sweep and mop if the flooring is hard; vacuum thoroughly if the area is carpeted.

Replace the rugs.

But wait, there’s more!

Open the door and head out.. Don’t worry, we’re not out here to make friends..

Look Up.

Knock down any cobwebs.

Grab your rag and degreaser and remove all the smudges you can.

Shake out your door mat. Vacuum if you’re an apartment dweller with interior entrances.

Sweep the area.

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