Countdown to TurkeyDay: Happy Thanksgiving

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You did it.

You’ve planned it all. Today will go as smoothly as it can. There may still be bumps because that is life. You can handle it, I promise.

A couple of things to remember today when you unwrap your turkey don’t forget to also check the neck cavity for the giblets, and if one dish doesn’t turn out, you haven’t ruined the meal. Try to take it in stride.

Take each challenge as it arrives, not the whole day at once. Stick to your timetable and work from there.

If you run out of butter, eggs or sugar, talk to a neighbor,

Let people help. Give those who maybe can’t be trusted to cook jobs like washing dishes or entertaining small kids that would otherwise be underfoot.

Remember, if you find your turkey hasn’t fully thawed this morning, you can still thaw it and save Thanksgiving. All is well.

I’m thankful to have had this site as a part of my life for the last 15 years. I’m grateful for all of those who have contributed to it previously, Ivy who was there at the start then Bobbie, Michele, Bran, Alice, Brian, Vera, and Patrick. I’m also very happy that we welcomed Lisa and Amanda to the site this year. Good things are ahead.

Happy Thanksgiving

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2 thoughts on “Countdown to TurkeyDay: Happy Thanksgiving”

  1. Thanks for all the great info during the countdown! It’s always such a big help and a reminder of all the things that need to be done.


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