Cultured Marble: What To Clean It With?

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Two questions for you. First, we have a relatively new shower whose walls are cultured marble. What is the best way to give them the occasional clean to remove soap scum, etc?

Second, in the same shower, we have sliding glass doors. While doing a deep clean yesterday, I discovered that there is a fairly well established colony of mold under the railing. I can access the area with a q-tip, and removed quite a bit of the accumulation. Could I spray bleach in there for the coup de grace? And would that hurt the tub finish?
Losing my (cultured) marble(s)!

how to clean cultured marble

WinkIvy says:

You can clean soap scum from cultured marble the same way I would clean it off of any other surface – with white vinegar. When I worked as a maid, I found that white vinegar worked better to remove soap scum than any other cleaning product I had. White vinegar is also gentle enough to use on your cultured marble, so do a happy dance!

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Now, for the mildew, I would probably use a 50/50 bleach and water mix. I would also try to be careful not to get it on the marble. I googled and it seems to be safe to get on the marble, but just to be sure, I’d probably be careful about it anyway.

To keep mold from reappearing, make sure you dry your shower thoroughly after every use.

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