Menu Plan Monday Week 7 of 2016

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Heather says

Are you saving the menu plans you’ve been creating? If you have a 3 hole punch and a binder, save your weekly menu plans. As you prepare your meal plans, make notes on what people enjoyed. Over time you’ll build a great resource for yourself and your family. If you’re just getting started with menu planning, here’s a series of articles that may make it easier.

You’ve had these conversations, right?

“Remember when we had that thing with the rice and the chicken?”

“Was there sausage in it?”

“Yeah, it had a funny name. Can we have that again?”


“Oh, you meant chicken bog? Do you want to have collards with it, too?”


Trust me, we all have these conversations, and it is so much easier if you keep a resource that’ll give you a clue as to what they are referring to.

This year, as soon as I finish up the backlog of re-photographing everything (and it is going well, there is just a lot to do), I’ll be focusing on seasonal recipes.

This week I’m heading to Salt Lake City for a blogging conference. I’m going for my day job, FeedBlitz, but I’m hoping I might learn a few things, too. Ray and the kids are set with easy meals and frozen-planned overs.

If you participated in last week’s pantry organization and this week’s fridge clean-out, be sure to grab your lists to use up the items you’re about to lose. What will you be having this week?

Here are some ideas from our menu:

Let us know what you’re having or what worked from last week that you’ll be having again in the future.

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