Organizational Sunday #11: Change Your Clocks (Even in the Car)

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Heather says;

This week’s organizational challenge may arrive just a little too late to prevent some hassle. Was there a scramble this morning? Today go through your home and change all of your clocks to the correct time. No, you don’t have to play along if you’re in Arizona or another country that doesn’t participate in the insanity.

Don’t forget to change the clock in your car. If you aren’t sure how to do this, go to YouTube and search for “Change clock in [model of your car] [year your car was made]”. I guarantee you, someone has made a video for this, no matter how obvious it turns out to be.

time change

While you’re at it, take a look at any calendar apps or To Do apps you may use and make sure they made the transition to Daylight Saving’s Time*.

Performing this check will make tomorrow morning much smoother. Try to go to bed a little earlier, too, don’t be one of the extra stressed people tomorrow morning —be one of the obnoxiously perky ones.

Hang in there, it’ll feel normal in a few days. In the meantime be on the lookout while driving, there are significantly more traffic accidents in the first few days after the change.

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Pro-Tip if you’re a stay at home parent of very young children and don’t have early morning obligations, don’t try to do the time change all in one go. Tonight move the kids bedtime routines by 15 minutes, repeat over the next few nights.

*Yes, I did have to look up which part of the year was which. All I know is I hate the headache it causes.

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3 thoughts on “Organizational Sunday #11: Change Your Clocks (Even in the Car)”

  1. So glad this week’s challenge was an easy one to help me get back on track & maybe catch up a bit after the in-laws’ week-long visit. The clocks are taken care of; now to do the various chores put aside for the zoos, museums, & other “Grandparents spoiling the granddaughter” activities. I’m going to try to work on the plastic lids this week as well, I think. I know they drive my husband nuts.

    • Don’t forget to schedule in time for the children’s deprogramming… I love my kids’ grandparents but it was always like the kids forgot every rule and manner ever after the visit was over. Every. Single. Time.


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