Red Kool-Aid: Satan’s product

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Dear Home-Ec 101,
Red Kool-Aid strikes again. This time on my new granite. How can I get it off?

remove kool aid

finger-up.JPGIvy says:

Kool-Aid (especially red) was  invented in 1959 by Fidel Castro. It was originally meant to oppress Cuban housewives even further, by causing red stains all over their countertops, thereby making them have to clean all day without cease. It was popularized by Jim Jones and his merry band of people in 1978- although they were drinking Flavor Aid, not Kool-Aid.*

Did you know they actually make things specifically for cleaning off Kool-Aid stains? I didn’t, either, until I started Googling.  The product is rather pricey, though, so first I would try the old standards: Bar Keepers FriendĀ®, Formula 409, and the Magic Eraser in that order.  If none of that stuff worked, I’d try the Motsenbocker Lift-Off. (How fun is that to say? Mot-SEN-BOCK-er! Whee!)

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Good luck cleaning that stain- I despise cleaning up red Kool-Aid spills.

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*Nothing in this paragraph is actually true, other than the Jim Jones drinking Flavor Aid. Check this link out to find out more fun facts about Kool-Aid.

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3 thoughts on “Red Kool-Aid: Satan’s product”

  1. Ok, now tell me how to get Cherry Kool-Aid out of my crappy beige carpet!!!
    I’m gonna have to justify this: There I was 6 months preggo with my first and I had the WORST carpal tunnel!!! Of course, this was around the same time that I developed an INSATIABLE craving for Cherry Kool-Aid. Long story short, picked up the drink, hand went numb, dropped it all over brand new carpet, dissolved into pregnancy tears for the next 20 minutes after which I, in that all too crazy bi-polar preggo fashion, asked for a bowl of pistacheo ice cream…go figure.

  2. Some years, I volunteer during the summer for an arts program for special needs kids in Grundy County affiliated with a missions program for which I’m a board member. Sometimes, one of my fellow volunteers is a day care operator with an advance degree in child care. She always grumbled whenever the organizers of the camp would serve red Kool-Aid (or some generic equivalent) with lunch, claiming that the red dye was bad for kids with ADHD (and many of the kids at this camp fit that description). But the food service people at the camp claimed the drink had been reformulated and was not supposed to be a problem any more.

    Anyway, this may tie in with your “Satan’s product” description.


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