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Please know that I absolutely love getting email from readers. Because of the large volume of mail I receive, I  may not be able to answer every email personally. I do read each and every email and I try to respond to as many as possible.

So, when you send an email, keep these things in mind:

  • Any questions received may be edited. I am committed to creating an enjoyable reading experience on the site, so I may clean up grammar, spelling, or punctuation errors. I may also toss in stuff for comedic value, but I will not change the original tenor of the question.
  • I reserve the right to publish any email you send. This includes hate mail, and any other kind of email. Any hate mail I publish will be posted unedited on the site, so we can laugh at the poor grammar. (There is an exception for expletives, naturally.)
  • I will not publish your real name. Unless you specifically ask me to. If you don’t give me a fun fake name, don’t worry I will make one up for you.

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7 thoughts on “Contact”

  1. You are one hell uv'a woman!
    Thank you for being out there with all your home ec goodies… why don't they teach this in school anymore? Good Lord it's like a treasure trove your blog is! I'm devouring every word.
    It's nice to see another woman out there who tries to run her household this way.
    Thanks again!!

  2. I'm so excitd to find your site! I came across it while doing research. . . I am hoping to put together a mini (week long) Home Ec class this summer for a group of Elementary girls. I have 3 girls (all under 8) and I have a deep desire for them to learn all they can so that some day they will know how to run a home efficiently and joyfully. May come to you with questions??? . . . thanks for being out there!!

  3. Just checked out a search on your page for pressure cooker recipes. I would be interested in all the help I can get. I just bought an electric pressure cooker. I am a single old man and as I said I can use all the help I can get. My wife is gone.


  4. I visited a friend in Philly this weekend, and she introduced me to your site. I love it! . I'm a 23yr old female, recent college grad, and just figuring out how to keep a home (ah! without any training or classes eek!) I'm so grateful for all the useful info and motivation your blog provides. Please keep it going.

  5. Thanks Thanks Thanks for the Farmers Market Cookbook! It is beautiful and has wonderful recipes!! Can't wait to try some out!

  6. can you possibly recommend a school in Quezon city or nearby area offering short-term cooking courses (say 2 weeks) on basic cooking of main dishes. I'm single, 42 years old and still do not know how to cook and have not tried cooking in my entire life (even cooking rice) but want to get married soon and will definitely want to please my future husband. Please help. thanks.

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