Easy To Make Thanksgiving Centerpiece Surprise

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retrochick.JPGIvy says:

I was going to do two Thanksgiving centerpieces for you guys, but I couldn’t. I still may get my act together and be able to get another centerpiece in for the big day, but I think this one is really cute and it’s easily done with kids. It took about a 45 minutes to do the whole thing with my kids. Not too bad.

Here is the DIY Pumpkin Centerpiece:

thanksgiving centerpiece

And here it is again, top view:

easy thanksgiving centerpiece

As the title of this post indicates, there is a surprise. Inside the pumpkins are the little “pillow” after dinner mints. You can fill the pumpkins with anything you want, but this is what I happened to have on hand.

I used Not Martha’s tutorial to make the pumpkins, with some changes.  I used craft tissue paper (purchased at Michael’s- use the craft kind, it is slightly thicker than gift wrap tissue paper and is easier to use) instead of the crepe paper. I also failed to buy any string and somehow don’t have any in my house, so I didn’t use any string and just taped the bottoms of the pumpkins. They hold up fine sans string.

Have the kids help you with the tape, and depending on how careful they are, you can have them help you turn the pumpkins inside out. I learned the hard way that my kids are not careful enough.

I also had the kids wrap the chenille stems around a pencil. I think this was their favorite part. Give 3 kids a bunch of chenille stems and you have some mightily entertained children.

Once the pumpkins were finished, I printed out a leaf template from coloring pages here and had the kids cut out leaf shapes.  Then we arranged the “leaves” and pumpkins on the table to have a beautiful Thanksgiving centerpiece. I can’t wait to take this to Thanksgiving at my mom’s house and surprise everyone with the mints inside!

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