Weekly Menu 25

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Heather says

Last week turned out to be a really good week overall.

I used my stick blender to experiment with a sauce for fish tacos, it still needs some tweaking before I share it, but we’re on to something good. I didn’t make pho on Wednesday, instead I went with a Must Go style soup, loosely based on Sausage and Sweet Potato Soup.


And then, I finally broke out some of my photography stuff and managed to get a decent picture of chicken bog.

Lowcountry Chicken Bog

This is a big step for me; I just haven’t had the mental or personal bandwidth to do this. And if any of you have any idea what I have done with my tripod, that’d be good to know. I guess it’s just lost in that mental fog of 2013

Anyhow, let’s keep the ball rolling and make plans for this week:

  • Monday – CORN (That’s clean out refrigerator night as there is a ton of that chicken bog left)
  • Tuesday – It’s like Taco Tuesday, but on a. .. oh, Tuesday. Buffalo Chicken Tacos & BLT Salad (If there are any good tomatoes, doubtful but a girl can hope)
  • Wednesday – Let’s try that pho idea again… maybe, but definitely soup of some sort
  • Thursday – Spaghetti (squash) and meatballs 
  • Friday – Baked Fish and Chips, Broccoli
  • Saturday – Chicken roasted with mushrooms, peppers, and onions -It’s definitely time to redo these photos- Roasted potatoes, some kind of green vegetable or salad, it’s going to depend on what looks during the week.

Here’s hoping we can keep that momentum going and have another good week.

Is there anything you are looking forward to trying this week?

What did you make last week that worked (or didn’t)?

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8 thoughts on “Weekly Menu 25”

  1. I am always behind, and am ashamed to admit being this far behind, but I wanted to send a huge Mama-bear hug to you after finally reading about your trauma last year.

    Keep on that good red road. Your children and friends are so blessed to have you in their lives.

    • We’re all busy. Thank you for your kind words.

      My priest told me the other day that normal grieving takes 3 – 5 years and that this kind of thing isn’t close to normal and I should really adjust my expectations.

      I think I would have rather heard I’m a terrible person, that’s easier to deal with than trying to cut myself some slack.

  2. Happy Monday! I’m going to try Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls soup – instead of hamburger I;m going to use sausage. Cheaper and a little more flavorful. Thanks for your menu ideas – these will be especially helpful in the summer when I become brain dead at providing meals. Happy Valentine’s Day (early)!

    ellen in Seattle

  3. Sunday – roast chicken, rice, butternut squash, coleslaw
    Monday – pork tenderloin, rice, mushroom gravy, broccoli
    Tuesday – homemade mac & cheese/cauliflower puree
    Wednesday – ham & spinach quiche, & soup?
    Thursday – tacos
    Friday – baked salmon, & sides?
    Saturday – at a neighbour’s for dinner

    Last week was a crunch week – report cards due on Tuesday among other things – we ended up eating takeout twice while I was recovering Wednesday and Thursday.

  4. My grandma encouraged me to download your recipe and print it out for reference. I did. I got 3 pages of ads out of the printer. How the heck do I tell her that a good recipe + a bad source DOES NOT EQUAL (much less mean) good information- do we just take what we can get???


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