A Little Friday Encouragement from a Reader

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Heather says:

I’ve been fighting a sense of burnout, lately. I’m down to the last bit of the book, but the deadline is looming closer and paralysis is setting in. This morning, before I even poured my coffee this landed in my inbox. It made my day, so I thought I would share it with you. Don’t worry, it’s not one of those smarmy chain letter things, I wouldn’t do that to y’all.


I saw this article this morning: Skinniest People Grocery Shop Here (the article has been removed from the web as far as I can tell)

My first (and second, and third) thought … this is why we need you.  This is why we need Home Ec 101.  It’s articles like this that I would otherwise walk away from thinking, “Well, I don’t have the money to shop at Whole Foods or the mad skillz they refer to needing in order to eat a healthful, low-calorie diet, so because of my economic status, I am doomed to a life of obesity.  Therefore, why bother trying.”  But this is exactly the opposite of what you’re teaching us is true.  We all can make better choices, even with limited or severely limited funds.  And we all can improve our skills, no matter what the starting point.  It’s like I wanted to scream at the author of the article, “AREN’T YOU LISTENING TO WHAT HEATHER IS TEACHING US?” but normally when I scream at the interwebz, nobody answers me.  Probably a good thing.

Anyway, good morning to you, and thank you for helping those of us who really want to do better but would be completely lost without you.  And believe me, there’s a million of people just like me out there who need your site thinking the exact same thing I am, they just don’t send you random and verbose emails before they get out of the bed in the morning like I am prone to do.

A Reader

It made my day to know someone recognizes what I’m trying to do. I hope each of you find that in some way today. Have a great weekend.

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14 thoughts on “A Little Friday Encouragement from a Reader”

  1. Hear! Hear! What she says is so true!

    My jaw dropped when I first read your site as it's just what the world needs. Basic, simple teachings to show us we can make real foods ourselves.

    I know SO many people who don't cook healthy simply because they have no idea how so they open a box of "convenience mix" and feed their families that… then pay the price of poor health later. I started my blog to encourage family members that it's just so easy to cook healthy. They have such little confidence that they won't even read it thinking it's probably too difficult anyway. I taught myself, it's not so hard and we love the food we eat.

    I don't normally post other blog's buttons on my sidebar but as soon as I saw yours I put it up on my blog as I think it's so amazing. Thank you for all you do and keep up the good work.

  2. I'll third or fourth that opinion! Your cleaning tips have gotten me through more tight spots than I can imagine.

  3. Thank you for sharing Heather. Good luck on the book and I absolutely appreciate your KISS (keep it simple stupid) with the articles that you write on Home EC 101. Take care and have a great weekend.

  4. 'It’s like I wanted to scream at the author of the article, “AREN’T YOU LISTENING TO WHAT HEATHER IS TEACHING US?” but normally when I scream at the interwebz, nobody answers me. Probably a good thing.'

    Yes the bad thing is when the interwebz talks back. Or the tv. 🙂

  5. Yes, well done on such a good, helpful site that teaches us how to do the most basic of human skills; cooking and keeping clean and healthy. I am in the Uk and a woman in my mid-forties; I went to an all-girls school where cookery and needlework were compulsory, and I hated them! But they have been the lessons that have given me more practical life skills than any other. The other day, my husband (same age but no, HE didn't go to an all girls school – he tried but they wouldn't let him in!) was hellping me cook and I was surprised to see he didn't really know how to chop an onion. I thought back to your tutorials the other week; to be honest, i had thought "Duh! Surely nobody needs that!" but I can see I have failed to teach my own husband so "Duh!" to me! I discussed this with him and he said they sell loads of pre-cut onions in the supermarket where he works and we said how crazy it was that people will use good money that cost them however many minutes at work to save themselves 30 seconds! So your website is a really valuable piece of work.

  6. i took four years of home ec. courses and i want you to know that although i was an excellent student in sewing, first aid, cooking, cleaning ….i practically failed in the nutrition course… and of course no matter how smart i may think i am there is always someone out there who has a better idea for getting whatever needs doing done. also, everyone gets a little down now and then no matter how perfect they are…or how perfect they wanna be. be hopeful, be charitable, be faithful and enjoy each day as it comes..there really are no repeats.

  7. That reader just slapped me in the face, and boy did I need it. Too often many of us join websites, follow along on our twitters or facebooks, join feeds and whatnot (words words words) and absolutely love what we receive, yet never take the time to say thank you. That reader just gave me a reminder. Gave us all one. Your site is so important, it really is. The reader is right; it isn't only skills on house cleaning and knife holding and specific ingredients, etc…it is the knowledge you give us to put it all together. It is the caring you give us. I think you probably think of each and every reader. You care that much. We should care back and let you KNOW we care too. Thank you Heather. I read but often I do not respond. I use the information you freely give us but rarely post back. I look forward to your emails but generally don't let you know this. How selfish of me. You take all this time to take care of us, even with your busy schedule (I KNOW how busy it is) and yet I find time to read but not to let you know how important you are? Shame on me.

    Thank you Heather. Thank you for always fitting us into your day. Thank you for thinking ahead as to what we might ask. Thank you for caring enough to keep plugging along even when I'm sure you're exhausted and say to yourself occasionally "why am I doing all of this?????" You do it because you care. I care back and I should take more opportunities to let you know.

    Thank you Heather! We love you!


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