Ask The Audience: Favorite And Least Favorite Chores

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Ivy says:

It’s Wednesday, y’all. Let’s play a game and forget it’s the middle of the week. Tell me, what are your favorite and least favorite household chores?

Sure, I’ll go first. My least favorite list could go on forever, so I’ll cut it down to two. I hate, and I mean really, really haaaaate cleaning out the cat boxes. Blech, ptooey. My other one will probably kill Heather, so it’s a good thing she’s on the road. But I hate cooking. Sorry, Heather. I’m a lot better at it since I met Heather, so it’s less bad than it used to be. But I still don’t dig cooking.

My two favorites are related, sort of. I like cleaning the tub, because there’s a clear difference when you get finished. Not clean, clean. I really dig that when things go from clearly dirty to clearly clean. It’s not like laundry that is never finished, or dishes, which are also never finished. For the same reason, I really like sweeping and mopping the floors. Again, there’s a clear difference when you’re finished.

Alright, Home Eccers, your turn: tell me what your favorite and least favorite chores are!

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33 thoughts on “Ask The Audience: Favorite And Least Favorite Chores”

  1. Least fave: a three-way tie between cleaning toilets, scouring the tub, and mopping the floor. I hate to be the opposite, Miss Ivy, but there ya go. Toilets are just plain gross (especially with little boys in potty training… yuck!). Scouring the tub and mopping the floor take quite a bit of “elbow grease” – but that’s probably because I put them off… Hmmm… Ha ha! 🙂

    My favorite??? I know it sounds silly, but I like to vacuum. It just gives a sense of “things are in order” when the carpets are freshly vacuumed with lines in them. (sigh) Pathetic, I know! And there are days that I really love cooking – and other days that I don’t and we end up having cold cereal for dinner. Such is life, right? 🙂

  2. I hate grocery shopping…I just can’t get into the thrill of the bargin hunt, try as I might…I routinely bribe my husband to go and do it for me…but then that means making an insanely detailed list complete with directions (turn left at end of cereal aisle, proceed up next aisle, sugar is on bottom shelf on the left). Pathetic!

    My absolute favorite thing to do is the whole spring cleaning routine…I could empty cabinets, scrub out the insides, sort, and then line everything back up every day and be thrilled. And the messier/dirtier things start out the more excited I get about tackling it.

    Maybe I need to become a professional organizer…

  3. I hate cleaning the bathtub .. all the stooping and hunching over make my back ache and no amount of sparklie makes up for it.

    Scarily enough, cleaning the toilet doesn’t bother me. Definitely icky, but I figure there is enough space between my hand and the end of the toilet scrubber that it doesn’t matter so much. I usually do the hand wipe down after I’ve finished the tub so ANYTHING seems less painful (:

    I also like sorting drawers, up to the point I have a pile of “stuff” that doesn’t belong in that drawer and I have no idea what to do with it next!

    Everything else I do b/c I have to, but I don’t love it or loathe it.

  4. I would have never seen cooking as a chore because I love it(although 3 meals a day plus snacks does get exhausting) but since you listed it I will say cooking/baking is my favorite!
    My least favorite is a tie:dishes and putting laundry away! I don’t have a dishwasher! Plus when you bust your ass cooking but it gets scarfed down in 5 minutes…why would I want to go straight to dishes. Makes it all seem pointless!
    I can do laundry and fold laundry until I’m blue in the face, but trying to find a place to put it in crammed dressers or packed closets make me shut down. We live out of laundry baskets!

  5. Least favorites: emptying the dishwasher, dumping the trash, putting clothes in the dryer. (I hate bending.)

    Favorites: vacuuming (it makes all the other work that’s been done so visible), and cleaning my room (I can be alone, with music of my choice).

  6. I like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom for the same reason, you can tell they’ve been cleaned. Not that it lasts long.

    I hate vacuming, the cable constantly gets in the way and on one particularly bad day it reduced me to tears. And I hate getting rid of clutter. I always end up throwing away something I need exactly one week later. Typical.

  7. I hate hate hate! folding socks. And changing sheets – it’s such a pain when you are the only one!

    I like washing the counters, because the kitchen looks so nice when it’s done. But I HATE clearing the clutter off the counters so I can wash them.

    I love grocery shopping!

  8. Love doing the laundry. Smells nice, no dirty hands, and you get breaks in between. Like, you can’t do -any- more than the machine can process. Fabulous.

    Hate hate hate cleaning the stove. In fact, it’s not been really clean since it’s first week here. I scrub and scrub and there’s still all of these wacky black burnt on bits that I simply CAN NOT remove. Makes me absolutely loony. It’s black at least, but I keep sorta hoping that it just decides to not work at all someday and I’m able to replace it. Hate my stove.

  9. I HATE toilets- luckily I have a kind husband who will do them for me most of the time.

    I actually love laundry- folding is my down time where I can sit and watch TV and still be working. I love having empty laundry baskets!

  10. Love to vaccuum for the same reason you love to clean the tub–visible results. I’m a sucker for the instant gratification. You can even pause in the middle and look at the two halves of the room and enjoy the way the clean half looks….I love that! I also like to grocery shop–I get a “harvest-time” feeling seeing my pantry and fridge go from empty to full.

    I hate trying to keep up with pet fur on the floor and furniture. In the rooms with hard floors, I can sweep, then dust mop, then wet mop–I swear the floor hatches new dustbunnies before it’s even dry! It’s a never ending battle ’round here.

  11. It’s strange, because my absolute favorite used to be laundry. It made things ” officially” clean for me. But since, I’ve gotten married and we have our own place, sans a washer and dryer nontheless. So my hatred for laundry has smacked me in the face. We have a designated laundry day every week, usually Tuesday. So instead of staying on top of it, I end up with 4 loads to do in one day, and finding the motivation to fold them and put them away is something to be had. Dishes is a close second (no dishwasher either)

    My absolute favorite chore varies daily. I like vacuuming because again, it’s something official. Sweeping and mopping, cleaning all the floors.

  12. I hate doing floors! The chore is made worse by the fact that we have white tile throughout 90% of the house, and several black animals. *groan* (who choose these colors? not me, that’s for sure!)

    I love laundry & ironing. There’s something about pressing the wrinkles out of fabric that is soothing and therapeutic to me. The addition of lavender linen spray…ahh…set up the board, put a fave movie on the dvd player and I’ll be content for hours.

  13. I hate folding and putting away laundry. I don’t mind actually putting it through the washer and dryer, but after that it often sits clean and unfolded in a basket for a few days.. (my husband hates that!!)

    I like cleaning the kitchen and bathroom, especially since something as small as a wipe-down can make a huge difference. 🙂

  14. My least favorite is a toss up, I hate cleaning out the fridge and I hate sweeping and mopping the kitchen and dining room floors. My favorite thing is dusting and vacuuming.

  15. I don’t like doing anything with the trash/garbage. I also don’t like sweeping the kitchen and bathroom floors.

    I like folding clean laundry and putting clean dishes away.

  16. My least favorite chore would have to be doing the dishes. Although we use a dishwasher, one still has to scrub all of the gunk off with tons of soap and water before putting it in. And I usually –shameonme– leave them to be done until the sink is flowing over with dishes.

    My favorite chore is dusting. There’s something to fufilling about seeing a dusty piece of furniture and with a few lemon-scented swips, seeing a sparkling clean one. There’s nothin’ like it.

  17. Least favorite:
    Cleaning the tub. I hate being on hands and knees. I hate the smell of the Comet, which always gets in my nose. I hate the elbow grease while breathing Comet fumes. Yuck.
    Emptying the sink trap. Nasty, smelly food. ick. I always scrape dishes before putting them in the sink to avoid the yuck, but DH grew up with a disposal and throws all manner of stuff in teh sink.

    Laundry. I love the smell. I love finishing something. We have 3-4 loads a week, and I do them on my work-at-home day. I love the way it looks stacked in the drawers, and it gives me a huge sense of accomplishment. I’ve been known to call in sick when work was going badly and do laundry.

    Watering the garden: I get 20-30 minutes to myself, outside, with birds and bugs and plants.

  18. I hate dishes!!!! Especially with my awful dishwasher.

    I love laundry but not the folding of it, excepting folding my son’s cloth diapers. There is something oddly satisfying about seeing a pile of soft clean diapers ready for use.

  19. LEast favorite- doing dishes. For whatever reason I just hate it. Boring, hot, damp. Bleagh.

    Favorite is probably laundry, I can wash 6 or 7 loads and then sit and fold them while I watch tv for the day 😀

  20. LEAST favorite: vacuuming

    The sound of vacuuming just sends me up a tree. I dream of a space with hardwood floors.

    FAVORITE chore: doing dishes by hand

    It’s like a mini spa break to me. And if you are doing dishes it means you were blessed enough to have just eaten.

  21. HATE:
    Vacuuming – it’s loud, it scares the dogs and I have to do it the very next day due to dog hair
    Cooking – not my strong suit (although I did know how to boil water when I got married – which is more than my mother did!)

    Grocery shopping: I like the list making and the satisfaction of getting the best bargains.
    Cleaning the bathroom: I don’t do it enough, but I love to have sparkling sinks and toilets.

  22. I love laundry. Love it.
    I don’t like any sort of wet cleaning. Bathrooms, kitchen, or floors. I’m happy to dust and vacuum, but I don’t like wet stuff.

  23. One of my all time least favorite chores is cleaning the tub. I like to clean everything else in the bathroom and have it all shiny and clean. It is just way to easy to pull the shower curtain shut and call it good.

    The top worst favorite for me is keeping paper clutter under control. In our house it breeds in the dark. It seems like every morning there is a bigger pile. Sigh.

    Take Care,


  24. My favorite is just tidying up. Give me 3 minutes, and I’ll tear around our living room/dining room/kitchen and have it looking somewhat respectable. However, I have been known to throw the newspaper in the recycling bin before DH has had a chance to even read it. I just HATE clutter.

    My least favorite is the tub. BUT I have found a way to make it easier. We attached a little gizmo to the shower head, which you can then attach a hose to (when you need it) for easier cleaning. It’s also good for giving dogs baths. (you can get the gizmo/hose at any hardware store)

  25. I really like grocery shopping with a list and coupons. I also like the home to be clutter-free even if it’s not really clean. I like washing my quilts and putting them out on the line because that is my secret celebraton of spring.
    OK——that’s it. I’m being honest. Everything else I don’t like, but sometimes do.

  26. Fave – (Two) Cleaning the bathroom and Vacuuming. Bathroom because there’s no paper clutter to deal with. (Or any other clutter for that matter!)
    I don’t know what it is about vacuuming. I do tend to like white noise! Perhaps it’s also because there’s no clutter to deal with!

    Least Fave – Dishes, Laundry, Dusting (not that I ever actually DUST,) filing (filing? What’s that? Ooohhhhh yeaaaaaaah.) Hence the bathroom cleaning fettish….

  27. Love: the laundry, yup that is prob. the only thing

    Hate: everything else…I am not much of the cleaning, cooking type…I do it because I would be a very depressed person living in a very messy house:)

  28. I really dislike any sort of sorting/decluttering/picking up. Unfortunately, that has to be done to clean well. 🙁

    On the bright side, I like most of the cleaning jobs in themselves. Don’t even mind the cat boxes that much (and I have seven cats who use them!). Tell you what, I’ll do your cat boxes if you’ll scrub my tub!

  29. I love doing laundry – even though it’s never ending. I love the smell, the feel, and the fact that I can fold it while enjoying my soap!
    My least favorite chore is cleaning the cat boxes. I want to get pregnant again just so hubby can take that over from me – LOL!

  30. I love to grocery shop….I love to cook. I know they go together more or less. Im a big foodie lol! I also love to do laundry. Dh yells at me for washing stuff he swears isnt dirty.
    I hate cleaning the bathroom and taking out trash. To me its just really icky!

  31. Um, I hate all chores. I’m slowly learning to appreciate the process and outcome of a well-cooked meal. However, I hate grocery shopping, meal planning, and dish washing, which tend to go along with those meals. I hate to dust and to mop. I have a rule that I won’t be the one to clean the toilet because I don’t ever get pee on the outside. I do love to pull weeds, plant flowers, and check out what’s happening with the compost. So if it’s house dirt, I hate it, but if it’s yard dirt, I love it. 🙂


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