Ask the Audience: Peanut Butter

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Heather says:

Recently someone sent in a post suggestion via Twitter:

As I was fixing my lunch I had an idea for a Home Ec post: what to do when you love 
peanut butter but are tired of common jellies and honey.

We have had an incredibly busy summer and my favorite snack is a good old PB & J.  I was shocked the other day.  I went to fix myself a sandwich, opened our economy tub of peanut butter, and realized we’ve gone through nearly six pounds of the stuff in only a few months.  Yikes!

Sometimes for lunch I stir peanut butter with a little vanilla yogurt and honey. The kids then use apples to scoop it up. Other times I leave it plain and give the kids unbuttered popcorn, celery, apples, and raisins to dip and eat.  I also like it as a base for a Thai peanut sauce for chicken or pork, but Mr. Heather isn’t a huge fan, so we don’t use it too often.

I have friends who make marshmallow fluff sandwiches.  Ivy’s grandma used to make peanut butter with bacon sandwiches and my father loves peanut butter on hot dogs.  Both sound terrible, but the mixture of salty and sweet is something like the Thai peanut sauce mentioned earlier; may the food snobs forgive us all.

So, Home Eccers, it’s your turn:  What are your favorite uses for peanut butter?

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45 thoughts on “Ask the Audience: Peanut Butter”

  1. My favorites are pb and molasses and pb and brown sugar. It’s terribly yummy.

    Oh, and pb and cheese. Very high in protein, too. LOL

  2. My favorite is mixed with some melted chocolate chips and eaten with a spoon while still warm.

    Or spread on a tortilla (wheat to make it healthy, lol), sprinkle some chocolate chips on it, and make into a quesadilla.


  3. Peanut Butter….one of my favorites! I’ll try peanut butter on just about anything. (well, not as much anymore because it goes straight to my face in the form of zits, but I digress…) The WEIRDEST peanut butter use I’ve only tried once: peanut butter and pickles. Oddly enough, I liked it. I can understand how the peanut butter and hot dog combo would turn out too. Maybe I’ll try that tonight…
    I’ll mix it into brownie batter before baking, make peanut butter cookies, peanut butter and honey sandwiches, and fried peanut butter and banana sandwiches (think grilled cheese). Fried pbJ’s don’t quite work out for me!

  4. I’m weird. I do PB/ketchup sammiches. Then again, i consider french fries merely a vehicle for ketchup.

    PB and honey on crackers is also a favourite of mine too.

  5. P-Nut Butter, Nutella and Marshmallow Fluff!

    I used to work at the Peanut Butter & Co. Sandwich Shop in NYC ( so I got to try a lot of really cool things. Some of the more interesting are:
    P-nut Butter Burger (surprizingly good)
    P-nut Butter, Chicken, Honey and Pecans

    We even made our own different styles of p-nut butter: Spicy, White Chocolate, Dark Chocolate etc.

    Least we not forget the great Elvis Sandwich:
    1) Toast two slices of soft white bread in a toaster.
    2) Spread peanut butter on one slice, slice banana on top of the peanut butter, and cover with the other piece of toast.
    3) Fry the sandwich in a hot skillet with melted butter.

  6. One of my favorite sandwiches is peanut butter and honey. I’ve never been a fan of PBJ&J, and really, eating it with honey on white bread is one of the only ways I’ll eat peanut butter at all. Well, Reese’s cups are good, too.

  7. I put PB on stale rice cakes (which I’m sure completely defeats the purpose of the rice cake)…suddenly the package that has been sitting around for months disappears!

  8. I like a big whopping spoonful in oatmeal, smoothies, and in a tortilla with chopped up banana or apples with cinnamon. But that’s just me.

  9. I also do the “Elvis” sandwich. It’s to die for!

    A straight-up PB and Banana sandwich is delicious.

    Peanut butter on oreos is unbelievably good. Like, the best thing that you will ever eat if you like PB and oreos.

    PB and sugar on top of toast is wonderful.

    Like other people said: cookies! Peanut butter cookies rolled in sugar with a hershey kiss on top = heaven.

    Also already said, but PB and Nutella on bread. Or mixed together and eaten with apples, bananas or most other fruits.

  10. Peanut butter and pancake syrup as dip for apples.

    Get a spoonful of PB, dip in a bag of choc. chips, eat. Yum!

    Peanut butter and coconut milk, as sauce for stir fry.

    Peanut butter, apple cider vinegar, oil, Montreal Steak seasoning is the BEST beef marinade for the grill!

    PB and crackers.

    No bake cookies.

    PB on toast for breakfast, pb on waffles. Never tried to make Peanut Butter waffles, though!

  11. My favorite is smuckers natural and other then pb and jam, I like it with apple slices. I put it in my sons banana smoothies also. When I used to work outside the home, I spread it on whole wheat/blueberry waffles for a quick and easy breakfast. So good!

  12. When I’m really busy and have no time for lunch, I’ll eat it straight out of the jar with a spoon (don’t tell the kids, they’ll get ideas!).

    I’m also a fan of peanut butter and pickle sandwiches–my DH got me hooked when I was pregnant.

    One last thing…it’s GOT to be the chunky kind!

  13. Sandwich Sushi. Smoosh crustless bread, spread pb, cream cheese, cinnamon sugar, thinly sliced bananas and top with another smooshed slice. Roll into a log and slice into pinwheels. Shave apple slices with a y-peeler and soak slices in spiced apple cider to imitate ginger petals. Pistachio nuts pulsed with cream cheese makes good wasabi. Super cute.

  14. My husband likes it on honey buns or on ice cream. I like it straight out of the jar on a spoon (but only the “ingredients: peanuts, salt” kind)

  15. peanut butter on a grilled cheese sandwich, i know it’s sounds weird, but it’s fantastic

    also, i am a big fan of the fluffernutter

    my mom also used to make me pb and raisin sandwiches when i was little

    i also remember eating peanutbutter and american cheese when i was younger…very good and lots of protein

    i also used to mix peanutbutter and chocolate syrup and use it to dip fruits or soft pretzels in. not so healthy, but it tastes fantastic

  16. I like straight out of the jar on a spoon, and on apple slices. I do like pb on warm toast. Weirdly, I only really like pb sandwiches (no j) alongside chicken noodle soup. It’s like my tomato/grilled cheese.

  17. I love peanut butter and dill pickle sandwiches. PB has long been a staple around here, especially when all three of our sons were home. I still like it myself but don’t buy it in bulk anymore. 🙂

  18. I love making my peanut butter sandwiches with butter. I know its gross, but if you spread one piece of bread with the peanut butter, and butter the other, it is fantastic! Yum! It’s smooth, and totally has that yummy sweet and salty mix.

  19. I like mixing it with soy sauce and pouring it over cooked broccoli and chicken and served with rice.

  20. OMG! Peanut butter & bacon + cheese = heaven! Also, try Saltine crackers with peanut butter, and a large marshmallow on top — toast under the broiler until golden brown. Heaven help us!

  21. I had a peanut butter and banana sandwich for lunch today – yum! Also, for the best ice cream EVER, start with a couple scoops of plain vanilla ice cream, then add a tablespoon of creamy peanut butter and a tablespoon of cocoa powder (sifted, if if has any lumps at all). Stir it into a fabulously creamy chocolate-peanut butter bowl of sin!

  22. I love PB tacos. My dad used to make them for as as kids. Just warm up the tortilla and spread on a little PB. Don’t use too much, it can be really drippy.

    My best friend turned me on to PB, swiss cheese, and mayo on a saltien. Sounds gross, and I HATE mayo, but it’s great.

    PB on waffles/pancakes with butter and syrup is Awesome!

    PB and cream cheese is also a fantastic combo on bagles, sandwiches, or crackers.

  23. I can’t believe no one mentioned pb and celery. YUM. I also love pb and oreos. My brother used to eat pb and dill pickles, but I never tried it.

  24. I hate syrup, so I put it on pancakes, fold it in half and eat it like a taco. It’s yummiest when the pancake is still a little warm so the peanut butter gets all nice and melty. Yummmm.

    I also make a super-easy Thai noodle recipe that is yummiest because of the peanut sauce.

  25. THANK YOU for mentioning peanut butter on hot dogs! People in my family sometimes put peanut butter and cheez whiz on their hotdogs, and it tastes pretty good. My husband’s family doesn’t do this, and he swears we’re all insane.

    (To be fair, he may be right about that, but not because of the hot dogs…)

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