Do I call this one Site Admin or Self-Promotion Saturday?

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Heather says:
This week’s getaway was a lot of fun and I tell you, Home Eccers that I enjoy every minute that I actually get to spend with Ivy live and in person. While we both love our hometowns we sometimes wish our friend / partnership didn’t actually span 900 miles.

I wanted to thank Rachel for picking up my slack and hosting Fearless Friday. I’m very grateful. If you play along, be sure to check out her Mouthwatering Mondays where her readers share their best recipes. Who knows, you may find your next culinary adventure.

This Thursday Charlie Magazine published an article about yours truly. I thought some of you may enjoy the sneak peek into my full color world. Just be glad it didn’t come with audio, it gets noisy here in the Solos household.

Be prepared for next week. We’ll be tightening up our schedules and getting ready for school. Sad to say, it’s almost that time of year.  Since all I did was chew that fat, I’m opening up the comments for whatever is on your mind.

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9 thoughts on “Do I call this one Site Admin or Self-Promotion Saturday?”

  1. Yikes, school… We have not gotten summer yet here, still waiting for that and now I have to think about school. It starts in three weeks here.

    Glad you had an awesome vacation… it is always nice to get away from the norm, but at the same time always nice to get back to it.

  2. School starts early and ends early here. 11 days to go. No more time left to procrastinate on cleaning up that mess of school papers left from the last school year. What do you do with that avalanche of school papers that come home with the kids?

  3. Congratulations on the article!

    As for school, I’m trying not to think about it too much…as a teacher, the thought brings to mind too much work, and that I will have to begin leaving my son with a babysitter every other day. It just makes me sad because I really want to be home with him. At least I only work part time.


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