Election Day Reminder

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Heather says:

If you are one of our American Home Eccers, you would have to live under a rock to not know that today is Election Day. This has been an incredibly long and often bitter race. All but the squabbling should end with the closing of the polls (much to my relief).

I do want to remind our US Citizens that voting isn’t just a right, it’s a responsibility. If you don’t agree with either candidate, vote anyway. To those outside our political system it may seem as though we are divided by a chasm too wide to cross, but the reality is we are coming together to choose our next leader. Families fight, but strong ones eventually make up and carry on.

Yes, the lines may be long and yes, the sign wavers can be obnoxious. Vote anyway. Ask your neighbor if they would like a ride or some company, whether or not you agree politically. If they snub you, vote anyway.

Bring a book and a lot of patience.

Go, vote, then rest in the knowledge that you fulfilled your obligation regardless of the outcome.

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12 thoughts on “Election Day Reminder”

  1. Even if you don’t like either candidate, VOTE ANYWAY! There are usually a lot of OTHER things on an election ballot that you MAY have an opinion on. Ours had several items seeking to raise taxes in a variety of ways. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t have an opinion regarding that.

  2. We vote by mail in Oregon so I voted 2 weeks ago. I am hoping for a quick election….not one dragged on and on again.

    I’m looking forward to an end of the ads. Enough already!

    Go vote and get coffee! 🙂

  3. Well said. When you think about it, people have given their lives to enable our ability to vote. An hour or so every four years is a small price to pay in comparison. I just spent 45 minutes in line, which was not too bad. As much as I like Starbucks, I think that I’m all done with lines for today!

  4. Last week, I stopped by the Mt. Juliet community center to vote early and yikes! Lines of people as far as the eye could see — plus around the gym! Voted at my regular polling place — and in and out in nine minutes flat!

    Women were jailed and some died so we could vote. Just do it!

  5. I voted, and I’ve voted since i was 18 (mummbles: been voting for over 20 years) , this is the first year I’ve actually had to stand in line for more then 10 min!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Usually I’m in and out and done, I actually couldn’t park by the door — wow the parking lot was full.

    AND! there were other people there with my hair colour!!!!! I mean it wasn’t all gray and blue hair! other people my age…. double wow!!! but disappointed that there weren’t any younger people there.

  6. Voted! No issues and no lines, but I live in a semi-rural area. The only confusion seemed to be that for some reason they moved another precinct’s polling place and our precinct was closer to than the new location, so a lot of people were coming by, confused about where they should be (guess they didn’t look online first). And they ran out of “I Voted” stickers and had to send someone to get some more. Such drama! ;o)


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