Friday Five and a Free For All, Too

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Heather says:

We don’t do this around here often, but I’m sharing five links to sites that have caught my eye over the past week.

1. Low Cost Meals from The Happy Housewife

2. The Untrained Housewife has a Freschetta Pizza Giveaway happening now.

3. I’m usually not one for crafts, the Frugal Upstate has A Tutorial on Making Freezer Paper Fabric Stencils

4. Tsh of SimpleMom has How to Watch TV on the Internet -I’m a huge fan, we haven’t had cable in almost 7 years and I don’t miss it one bit.

5.  And because I’m in the mood for some chocolate, check out the gorgeous Nutella Chocolate Souffles at Chocolate and

I’m opening up the comments for whatever is on your mind. Why am I doing this? Let’s just say my day included a call to a lawyer, that was followed up with a call to poison control¹, and an overflowing toilet, which thankfully I know how to clean up after. Throw in a few additional hurdles and today has just been very unpleasant. Tonight there’s a glass of wine, a hot bath, and book in my future.

Here’s to early bedtimes and hopefully an uneventful weekend.

¹Everything is fine, no one is hurt, for what it’s worth, Li’l Critter Omega 3 Gummy Vitamins are apparently quite tempting and worth scaling the cabinetry while I was on the phone. I’m just thanking God they didn’t contain vitamin A or Iron, which are the biggest area of concern when it comes to kids and vitamins. Write the number for Poison Control in a conspicuous place 1-800-222-1222  You never know when you may need it and trust me, they have heard it all.

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12 thoughts on “Friday Five and a Free For All, Too”

  1. I can jump into a free for all. My daughter and her husband just left – I got to spend two days with my girl after not seeing her in over a month and it was wonderful. She is "great with child" and I am looking forward to becoming a grandmother sometime in the next month and a half. It was so nice talking about baby stuff with my babygirl :-)____Oh, and I made a baked artichoke dip that was so good. Sooooooooo goooooood. Be jealous.
    My recent post Practical Optimism

  2. Sorry it was such a day! I like Simple Mom and I liked that article too. I keep trying to get my husband to give up the DirecTV to save money. In our area, no satellite means no TV, and I think he isn't ready for that yet.

    • I got to meet Tsh a few weeks ago. She is just lovely. We don't have tv unless it arrives on the Internet. The only time it gets obnoxious is when there's some breaking news, but is usually pretty quick to get some information up.

      It's weird because we don't see many commercials, now when I do see them I find them fascinating. I don't mean in an I'm going to go run out and buy it way, just really interesting.

    • Stacy, I'm in the same boat – no satellite, no TV…but I got a Roku a couple months ago and stream my netflix. I never watch Directv anymore…I think it's on it's way out the door.

  3. I'm so glad the minions are okay.
    I hope your evening was relaxing.
    I have the number for Poison Control programmed into my cell phone.
    I haven't had cable for years, and for the past 2 years I haven't even had a television. I watch DVDs on my computer, and *somebody* ( :::glares at Tim::: ) introduced me to Hulu a little over a year and a half ago. I watch way too much on there now. 🙂
    Here's to an uneventful weekend! Hugs.

  4. The folks at poison control are lovely. I had to call them for my cat (yes, eating an entire bunch of chrysanthemums is toxic) and for my son (no, the stuff inside glow sticks is not toxic – go figure). Sorry you had such a crap day. Some retail therapy may be in order as well.

  5. Wheeeeeeee, Heather… We've all been there. :o(

    I've been without a television for about 7 years now and haven't replaced it even with streaming TV or movies. I just don't miss it. When I'm out at a place that has a TV, I am aghast at just how banal TV is and the commercials are just…ew. Has it gotten worse, or was it always that bad and I was just used to it? Dunno. But I prefer my evenings on the computer doing something useful and chatting with good friends via Skype over being spoon fed some agenda-driven drivel any day of the week.

    I always wondered if those candy-like kids vitamins were maybe a little too tempting. I only had Flintstones to work with when my kids were little, and my kids hated them.

    I'm looking into opening a shared craft space in my community. That would be fun! :o)


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