Gluten Free Dressing for Thanksgiving

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Heather says:

Dressing is and always has been my favorite part of Thanksgiving Dinner. I love it day of and straight out of the fridge over the next few days.

It turns out Ray has missed dressing the last few years.

I always make a cornbread dressing that is gluten free without modification, but we both have been wanting a classic yeast bread based dressing.

prepare for thanksgiving

My mission for this Thanksgiving was to find a way. Happily it turned out much easier than I thought. I used the my go-to dressing recipe and just substituted a full loaf (14oz) of Schär’s White Bread. Do not buy it through that link, it’s much cheaper in the actual grocery store, I just included it so you could see what the packaging looks like. I found it at a Walmart Neighborhood Market. If you’re on the lookout for it, give your favorite grocer a call to check for it rather than driving all over town.

(Oh and we have some pretty big news, Ray proposed on Sunday, but not because of the dressing, that’s just coincidence. While I made it on Sunday we didn’t actually eat that until last night.)

As Sunday’s experiment was just a quick test, rather than company fare, I omitted the apples and dried cranberries of the original recipe. I’ve included the original recipe from years ago below. You can modify this dressing recipe all day long to fit your dinner’s flavor profile, just try to keep the proportion of wet to dry ingredients the same.

You can absolutely use chicken stock, but if you have time, try roasting turkey necks to make a really rich stock.

Using GF bread will require a little more stock, you don’t want the cubes disintegrating, but they need to evenly moist. Add a conservative amount, stir, check, repeat until you’re happy with it.

Have you made your Thanksgiving shopping list yet?

Are you almost ready for the big day?

gluten-free dressing recipe

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