Grabbing Your Moment Of Zen Where You Can

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retrochick.JPGIvy says:

In case you haven’t noticed, life is stressful. Sometimes you have to grab your moments of zen any way you can get them. I try to catch little moments of zen, like the peace of a quiet bathroom with nobody else in it, or driving down the road and catching my favorite song, or perhaps just enjoying the scenery. A cold Dr. Pepper on a hot day cheers me up immensely. As you go through your day, trying not to kill anyone that makes you mad, what makes your day just a little bit better?

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9 thoughts on “Grabbing Your Moment Of Zen Where You Can”

  1. Cooking. Oddly. I spend so much time in virtual reality online, I find the very tactile act of cooking to be very relaxing.

  2. Chocolate-covered pretzels… as long as I don’t eat the whole bag. I also like to cook and knit to help me destress, or calm down.

  3. The fog that comes out of a really cold can of Coke (zero).

    Clean sheets.

    Remembering the day one of my students asked another, “Did you know that you’re not a baby?” in a totally matter of fact, non snotty way (hilarious).

    Milk chocolate.

    Remembering that the world is beautiful and amazing. Even the parts that make you want to scream.

  4. Smelling the air when opening a sealed package of coffee beans or walnuts, pictures of loved ones on flickr, the right song at the right time (planned or unplanned), funny text messages.

  5. I also love my DP’s, but I usually have to have more than 1. I also love my showers/baths. It is really the only time for peace and quiet in my life…

  6. A few deep breaths of fresh air(I live in the country)…a look around the cornfields…my ever-present glass of sweet tea…loving life, with all of it’s ups n downs…


  7. I like to add a bit of yoga to my morning. It makes me sound really granola, but it gives me some times to just breathe. Plus, I know I have a stronger back, and will hopefully avoid many of the aches and pains I had in my first pregnancy (even if I weigh a lot more than the first pregnancy).


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