Home Ec 101 Menu and Shopping List #14

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Heather says:

Spring is here, despite a rather mean prank by Mother Nature on our North Eastern friends, it is time to start revamping the menu and focusing on spring vegetables and fewer starches. Over on the forums I mentioned that I’m fighting off an emotional funk. One of the signals was I have almost completely abandoned my camera, I have no interest in experimenting in the kitchen. You’ll notice the last recipe I added was on March 4, Country Fried Steak. Last week I focused on getting back into a healthy routine (getting enough sleep, was a big part of that) and this week, I’m going to force myself to do the things I really do enjoy, but have avoided.

In the vegetable crisper I have swiss chard and broccoli rabe, two new-to-me vegetables. Whether or not I “feel like it” I’ll be experimenting and hopefully I’ll get back into my routine of at least one recipe per week. I do miss that. My husband and I are both going to be eating lower carb over the next few weeks, so I’m hoping to get more recipes focused on vegetables posted in the near future. Just as a side note, it’s not the Atkins Diet. Diabetes runs in my family and I’m hoping to not carry on that legacy. I’ll still be making the side dishes for the kids, we’ll just generally stick to the main + extra vegetables. (I don’t feel I owe you guys an explanation of our choices, I’m just trying to be “transparent” and explain why the recipes will probably lean in that direction for the foreseeable future). There will be occasional splurges and treats, don’t worry.

The menu below does not reflect those changes.

Tell me, Home Eccers, what are you having this week?

Here is another week’s menu and printable shopping list courtesy of SayMmm.com.

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19 thoughts on “Home Ec 101 Menu and Shopping List #14”

  1. I know what you mean about the funk! I haven't done any experimenting lately and I'm getting behind on my blog posts. Gots to get my butt back in gear.

    Monday: burgers/dogs/beans, supposed to be a good night for the grill!
    Tuesday: pan-seared fish, brown rice, sauteed shredded cabbage
    wednesday: warm chicken pasta salad
    thursday: asiago-crusted pork chops and mushroom/zucchini orzo
    friday: almost meatless sloppy joes
    saturday: dingle pies
    sunday: spaghetti with sausage & mushrooms.

    of course the menu in our house is always subject to change, I like being able to switcheroo if I have to.
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  2. Your menu plan looks fabulous! Good luck getting out of the funk. I know what that's like. Enjoy experimenting :_)
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      • Yeah, sometimes I'm more of a beans and rice person just because I think fish tastes a little too fishy. I'm putting "learning to like fish more" on my new year's resolution list … in a few years. 😉

        On a semi-related note, you and Tim will be surprised to learn that I've actually come to enjoy the brown rice California rolls from Publix. (Go ahead and faint; I'll help you back up.)

  3. Diabetes runs in my family, too. So, I'm excited to see your upcoming meal plans with low carbs. Thank you so much for putting these plans together for us!

    • That wasn't the intent with which the comment was written.

      I offer the menus and shopping lists as a courtesy, I was explaining because I thought some people would want to know why there was a sudden change. I was merely trying to give explanation that I knew I didn't have to give. Some people would say mentioning the change at all was oversharing.

      It was a danged if I do, danged if I don't kind of moment apparently.

    • I think this is one of those times where what is written in print on the interwebz can be taken in two completely different tones of voice, and however it is taken is colored by the tone of voice in the reader's head. Some will read that sentence and think it is snotty. Others will think Heather is going out of her way to explain herself when we didn't really need an explanation; we come here because we like to read what she says and we don't demand explanations from her. I guess it's all about perspective. I spent many years frequenting online message boards (:::waves hello to all the KF ladies and Craig:::), and I think the most important skill I learned was how to change the tone of voice that was in my head, read the possibly-offending sentence again, and try to see things from a different perspective. It took me literally years to figure that out, and I still don't always manage to do it. When I do, it makes a world of difference.

      Heather, I appreciate that you are so transparent in your writing. I hope that you can get back into your routine and feel better soon.

  4. Hi Heather
    Hope you're feeling a bit better soon. We all have "those times". The trick is knowing it's just temporary. Me? I WALLOW in it. For a day or two, I play the lazy one, I watch too much tv, read a few good books, eat ice cream. That's usually all it takes and then I'm ready to hit the ground running. Take care!
    PS-I've always so enjoyed your posts and get such great info……..Thank you!

  5. Heather snotty? No way now how. Not how it was meant but the written word doesn't always make it easy to tell tone. You DON'T need to explain. I hope you are soon out of your funk. I miss you and the kids dearly. Going to be in your area 3rd weekend in May for a conference. Maybe we can squeeze in a morning?

  6. Dear Heather, I appreciate you no matter your state of mind! Your transparancy is refreshing and endearing. Thanks for what you "bring to the table" and keep it coming!

  7. We're also trying to go lower carb and, specifically, lower gluten (although my most recent post doesn't reflect that). After two weeks it seems to be helping my state-of-mind and energy levels as much as the sunshine does.

    I'm in complete agreement with those applauding your transparency. Good luck with your health goals and thanks for sharing with us.
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  8. Low carb is just what I need too as diabetes runs in my family and I'm prediabetic with my numbers on the raise. I just love your website : D Want to look your book up at B&N -what a great gift it would make for a wedding shower.
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