How To Launder Unusual Items: A Home-Ec 101 Guide

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We can’t throw everything in the washing machine willy-nilly. We try to consider how to clean an item and check the tags of clothes before buying them, but sometimes the item is just too pretty or useful to pass up, and we end up with something that needs special care. Following are some articles with information on some items that need special care to clean. Just click on the title of the article you want to read more about.

how to launder unusual items

How to Care for Fleece

Heather has a new fleece that she dropped some decent coin on. Actually, it’s not all that new, truth be told. She hasn’t washed it since she bought it *mumble mumble* months ago because everyone hates how fleeces look as soon as they get pilled up.

How to Clean a Bath Mat After a Toilet Overflow

I was wondering if you could tell me how to clean my daughter’s colorful bath mat.

How to Clean a Down Comforter

I received a duck down comforter as a gift last Christmas. The tag says to have it taken to the dry cleaners, but not only would it be a pain, it wouldn’t be easy on the wallet. Now, I love my comforter. But I’m so terrified to wash it on my own that it hasn’t been washed in a year and a half.

How to Clean Stuffed Animals

I just was wondering how to wash stuffed animals. I want to disinfect it properly, so I was thinking of putting them in the wash…

How to Clean Throw Pillows

Can you tell me how to clean throw pillows? A friend made me a pillow cover for a throw pillow on my couch, but she sewed it shut over the pillow, so there is no way to remove the pillow to wash it. Are there any options as far as cleaning the cover?

How to Clean Velveteen

I’m making my husband a velveteen cloak for Halloween, and it has cat hair all over it just from measuring and cutting the fabric. Can I throw it in the washing machine, or does it have to be dry cleaned?

How to Clean Yellowed, Vintage Linens

I have some vintage linens that are a bit stained from time. . . I’m talking things like hankies, towels, fabrics, etc that are yellowed with age. I’d like to clean them up, but not knowing what kind of fabric they are or what has caused the yellow/brownish tint to them, I don’t know what to use.

How to Wash Comforters

I went to wash my daughter’s comforter, and the washing instructions start with “Front Load Washer only” – I’ve never seen this before, and I only have a top load washer. I don’t want to ruin the comforter, but I really need to wash it.

Removing Fabric Softener from Baby Clothes

I’m about to have a baby, and while I’m loving all the hand-me-downs we’ve gotten, I’m at my wit’s end trying to get the stench of fabric softener out of them.

Stiff Jeans – Friday’s Ask the Audience

My aunt gave me some jeans for my husband. They are so starched from the cleaners that they stand alone. Can’t even get a leg through them. Tried washing them a bunch but still can’t seem to get the starch out. 

The Standard School Attire Dilemma

We’re left with only about six skorts, shirts, and trousers. In lieu of buying, we’ve been doing an extra load of laundry midweek to wash the two or three most-acceptable items. So which is cheaper — 50 percent more loads of laundry for two months, or buying the $15 for trousers or skort?

information about washing things
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There’s Mildew on My Seatbelts. What Do I Do?

I have an older car that was in storage for about three years, and in that time, the upholstery got moldy and had to be replaced. But in the meantime, I have the same seat belts, but they are spotted with mold, which is not pleasant.

Will Silk Continue to Shrink After Washing? 

The polyester lining of the dress is now longer than the dress. Is there any way to fix it, or do I need to bust out the sewing machine and shorten the lining? Also, now that I’ve washed it, will more damage be done if I wash it again, or should I take it to the dry cleaners in the future, in which case, it will probably never be worn again.

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