Make It From Scratch Carnival Round Up

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Heather says:

Many thanks to Stephanie of Stop the Ride for letting us host this week’s Make It From Scratch Carnival .  It’s a round up for those who are sharing things they have made from scratch.  Do you ever wonder where that term came from?  A quick Google search suggested it was first used to mean starting from the line, perhaps a scratch mark in the dirt or sand.   Some would start from the scratch and others would have a headstart or handicap. Participants in this carnival are welcome to define their own version of made from scratch.  For instance, knitters don’t have to raise their own sheep, shear, wash, card, spin, and finally knit their own products to be included.  Make It From Scratch is an effort to encourage everyone to give new things a try and to show off their results.

If you would like to participate in next week’s round up, hosted by Country Magpie submit your entry here.

Let’s start with health and beauty aids, where it’s like a spa without having to tip:

Teaching Diligently made her own lemon-lime sugar scrub.

Renee is testing homemade moisturizing creams, she submitted Basic Moisturizing Cream.

Head out to the farm where Fowl Visions has a tutorial on how to use an electric skillet as an egg incubator.

Next up, crafting and sewing:

Susie shares the results of her latest sewing project, a vintage styled apron.

After all that cooking, there is bound to be some cleaning up to do.  Don’t worry, My Recycled Bags has homemade dishcloths with scrubbie centers.

Lea shows off her latest creation, Muno from Yo Gabba Gabba.

Lastly we head into the kitchen where carnival entrants were quite busy:

Modern Beet caught my eye with her Lamb’s Quarter Filo Pie.  Don’t let the name scare you away, lamb’s quarter is a vegetable, and you can use spinach if the ingredient is hard to find in your area.

If you belong to a CSA chances are you will occasionally end up with an unfamiliar vegetable or two.  Julie of ChezArtz experimented with kohlrabi salad.

Heather is in big trouble for putting a song in my head, but I’ll forgive her if she shares some of her home fries.

The Cincinnatti Locovore made and preserved garlic mustard dill pickle relish.

Ready for more preserving? See the strawberry jam canned by One Krusty Mama.

Adobo chicken salad is presented by I’ve Got a Little Space to Fill.

Need a frugal recipe for cabbage? Check out Funny About Money.

Tip Diva shares her top ten tips for making great deviled eggs.

Chief Family Officer orders you to pick up three pounds of potatoes and make Pommes Anna.

For dessert Lighter Side shares her strawberry shortcut cake.

Summer offers plenty of opportunity to try Adventures in Daily Living’s recipe for fruit crisp.

I am drooling all over Our Red House’s lemon tart, sorry about that!

Finally, would you like a tasty beverage to wash down all the goodies?  How about some of Stephanie’s blackberry shrub? It won’t be ready for a bit, which gives us all a chance to make our travel arrangements to stop in and give it a try.

See you next week at Country Magpie!

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  1. Great post!!! Thanks for including me. We heard that song on the radio last week and my son got the biggest kick out of the fact that I had named my blog after it. Its hard to get out of your mind, isn’t it? :o)

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