Monday Morning, Getting Back on Track

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Heather says:

School starts soon. The sales and signs are popping up all over town. Every school year I had a desire that this would be the year I was organized. Isn’t there something inspirational about a blank notebook and fresh paper? Well, I hate to break it to you and myself, but it has never happened. I can be flighty, but this year I have some accountability. It’s not just an in my head “I’ll do better.” This year it’s public and there are others joining the journey. (If you are on Twitter, you’re welcome to join us. Just do a search for #backontrack to see what we’re up to).

Today I tackle the laundry monster. It’s the first Monday of the month so the pile is extra intimidating. I have serious allergies and dust mites enjoy noshing on dead skin. Lovely. Where does most of our dead skin end up? In our beds, where we tend to spend about 1/3 of our time. To combat this all sheets are washed weekly, blankets and mattress pads monthly. Fun? Not really, but there is something nice about ending the day in a freshly made bed.

This week’s menu plan is to clean out the fridge and pantry. We’ll have a few interesting combinations, but there will be money saved. This week I am reinstituting our meatless Mondays and fish /seafood Fridays.

My last personal goal of the week is to get my butt in bed at a decent time.

Ivy will be manning the helm over the next few days as I try to work on some more behind the scenes tools to make this site more useful for all of our readers.

What are your goals for this week as we edge closer to the tail end of summer vacation?

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13 thoughts on “Monday Morning, Getting Back on Track”

  1. 1) I need to get back running, I left my shoes at my parents, but now they are back so I need to get out running again
    2) Get back to only eating out 0-1 time a week, this last weekend we got a little carried away.
    3) I did not do laundry all weekend and with 6 people in the house I have a ton to do and diapers to wash.
    4) try to reorganize the toys… seriously too many of then for this house.
    5) Three sewing projects -brothers quilt, sippy-cup leash and a marker roll
    There is much more, but this is the stuff that is the top of my list.

  2. Camp is over for the summer so it’s just the kid and me all day. I’m glad but it’s going to take organization to keep us from puttering the week away. Not that puttering is bad, but we do entirely too much of it and we need to be more physically active and social. So we’ll have at least 3 trips to the playground. at least one to the pool. At least one playdate. A trip to the library. Get ready for vacation next week. Cook some meals for the freezer. Hem at least one pair of shorts.

    I’d like to request a way to navigate from post to post. Just simple links to the next and previous posts from the current post.

  3. I’m with you today. I’m doing lots of laundry – goal to have 5 loads washed and put away and the last of my already clean laundry put away.

    I’m also working on my pantry organization project this week and hoping to get it done.

    I’m still purging clothes. This has been really challenging for me but I’m trying to really be ruthless. This week I hope to have at least 2 large bags to drop off for donation.

    I’m also working on my basement organization/cleaning project. I need to get this done this week so next week I’m free to do painting in our kitchen.

    All laundry needs to be done by Saturday.

    Wish me luck 🙂

  4. I am pulling extra hours all week at the office, so my goal right now is to survive until Friday in one piece, and with at least 3 – 4 home-cooked meals.

    Besides that I have to finish my huge undertaking of cleaning out my closet, and the room that surrounds it. It has been the main living area for me, hubby and the four kids, and also the dumping ground for mail, and any papers. My goal for my hubby is that he keeps up with the wash, and keeps the children from killing each other. Hmmm, not sure who will have the better week 🙂

  5. School starts for me, soon, too – I’m still a college student. My goals for the week (and really for the rest of the summer) are:

    1.) Do the hour and a half of studying everyday – LSATs are coming up! And that creative writing class won’t finish itself (grumble).

    2.) Keep the apartment clean. For only two people living here, we make a huge mess.

    3.) Exercise lots. I’m trying to get into the habit of exercise by the time school starts up.

    4.) Eat the healthy meals that are planned and shopped for already. This has been difficult in the past, lol.

  6. Well, after a month of camping out in our house because of our seemingly unending floor finishing project, my goals are these:
    1. Put the furniture back in the living room.
    2. Return the stove and refrigerator to the kitchen. Also, remove all of the clutter on the porch and put it back in the house–toys especially.
    3. Clean everything–there’s a thick layer of sanding dust on everything not in cabinets.
    4. Wash clothes. Then wash some more.
    5. Generally restore some order to our house.
    6. Make something for dinner using the stove…and nothing like frozen pizza. And eat some salads.

  7. I have a desk in my kitchen that is completely crammed with two years worth of school papers. This week I want to clean it out so that we are ready for school and so that the desk can be used again. Also this week, while my husband is away, I want to get the whole house picked up, vacuumed and dusted, so that I can invite over the babysitters without apologizing for the state of my house.

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