Tuna Fish Salad & Variations

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Heather says:

Tired of plain tuna salad sandwiches for lunch?

Try substituting cream cheese for half or all of the mayonnaise.

Add crunch with diced celery or pickles.

Add more protein for pennies with a diced hard boiled egg. Bored with dill? Try a pinch of basil.

Really want to liven it up? Tuna melts are fantastic. Make a tuna sandwich just as you would a grilled cheese. I love it with American, but experiment with your favorite.

How do you like your tuna salad?

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14 thoughts on “Tuna Fish Salad & Variations”

  1. I make mine with tuna, 2 hard boiled eggs, mayo, dill pickles with extra pickle juice(I love the dill taste) and some minced onion or diced green onion. I also like my tuna in water and shredded…no chunks please.

  2. I make mine with Miracle Whip, very small diced onions, and a squeeze of lemon juice. Put it on a nice fresh crusty roll or toast, with lettuce (and sometime potato chips!)

  3. My standard “recipe” is:
    water packed white albacore
    lots of dill relish
    a dash of Worstershire
    a few shakes from the Season-All cannister
    some tarragon (very yummy with tuna!)

  4. I like mine simple. Miracle whip, bit of seasoning salt, coupla tablespoons of sweet relish, a dash of celery salt, and then a mound of it on a slice of white bread, with three tortilla chips (yes odd I know, but it adds a nice crunch) on top, finish with another piece of white bread and enjoy.

  5. I have two variations –

    1. finely chopped apple, walnuts, and mayo
    2. finely diced green olives and mayo.

    The 2nd version I picked up in Italy. It’s especially nice if you make two distinct layers – one of tuna & mayo, one of olives.

  6. I am an American living in the UK. They put canned corn (they call it sweetcorn) in tuna here, with mayo. It doesn’t appeal to me, but is very popular, so maybe worth a try for one of you!

    You can buy ready made tuna salads here, not kits like in U.S., but tuna and various additions, already in the can! There are several varieties, but I tried the plain with mayonaise and decided not to go any further. Ewww!

  7. I also mentioned tuna salad variations on my blog. I really like sweet zucchini relish. My neighbor gave me a jar and it is wonderful in tuna salad (and on hot dogs and burgers).

  8. I use an Amish recipe from, “Amish Cooking with Sicily Yoder”, that has cream cheese, Miracle Whip, tuna, toasted pecans, and ground pepper. It is placed on buttered bread- YUMMY!!

  9. We always make a large batch when we have it. My version prefers Miracle Whip, a generous dash of lemon pepper, half a teaspoon of curry powder, finely-diced celery and onion, chopped eggs and drained sweet pickle relish.

  10. All of these recipes look yummy. I make mine with a squeeze of lemon, then add mayo, a sprinkle of onion powder, parsley flakes and chopped artichoke hearts.

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