Stupid questions, volume 3

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finger-up.JPGIvy says:

Kathy T has provided us with a new list of questions! This one doesn’t actually involve any bodily fluids, much to our relief. So without further ado, here are the answers!

1. How can you easily clean artificial plants in your home without having to wipe 200 individual leaves and when the little air-spray cans don’t work?

Artificial plants are the bane of professional maids everywhere. When our estimator would go out and estimate a house, she’d automatically add an extra $15 a week if she saw artificial plants. They are such a pain to clean.

The most effective way I found of cleaning those dudes are to take a hairdryer set on the cool setting and blow it until it’s not dusty. The other thing we would sometimes do is take those suckers outside and shake the bejezus out of them.
2. What’s the best brand of shop vac to buy? Do they all work the same?

My dad always used a Craftsman shop vac, so that’s what I would buy.

3. I have a can of chicken (little bigger than a can of tuna fish-size), cream of mushroom soup, can of mixed veggies, tomato soup, rice, American cheese, milk, flour, oatmeal, and pasta in my pantry and fridge. Is it possible to make a decent meal from this (”great” is not required, simply edible is quite acceptable)?

As I’ve posted before, I’m not terribly good at making something out of what appears to be nothing, but I checked with Jim and he said he would take the chicken, veggies, soup, and cooked pasta, put the cheeese on top and put it in a pan, bake at 350 for about 20 minutes and have chicken casserole.

Heather says:

You could also prepare the soup, stir in the chicken and rice, and heat through. If you’re feeling real froggy serve with grilled cheese.

4. Do you check for bedbugs when you stay anywhere besides your own home?

I’m not really sure what bedbugs look like, to be honest. When I stay at a hotel, I always throw the comforter off on the floor and try not to touch it, because I used to work with a maid who had been a housekeeper at an extremely nice, extremely famous Nashville hotel. She told me they washed comforters once a year, unless they were extremely nasty and even then, maybe not. I figure if that hotel is only washing their comforters once a year, the comforters at the Holiday Inn are probably getting washed even less. Ewww.

Heather Says:

Usually the only place I crash on vacation is Ivy’s house. So I guess that means yes.

5. I have several sweet grass baskets that have unfortunately collected dust down in their woven cracks. Is there a good way to clean them? Can they get wet without shrinking?

I would try the cool hairdryer or a can of air on them. If they are still funky, you can carefully wash them with a gentle soap and water. Here’s a link with cleaning info for sweetgrass baskets. (last paragraph)

Oh, and “they” can get wet without shrinking, but it has to be very, very warm. No, I’m not talking about sweetgrass baskets, either.

6. I Tivo/Dvr Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday nights. But the recording always ends about 1 minute before the show does, so tonight I didn’t get to see how George, Izzy, and Callie closed out that little situation. Besides telling me what happened on the show, is there a way to get Comcast to fix this???

Conveniently, I have a Comcast DVR like you do and can give specific directions. On the remote, click on the “My DVR” button. Then, on the screen, choose “Series Priority”. Scroll until you get to your show, press OK on your remote. Go to the wrench icon (Modify series recording) and then go down to the wrench icon again (View all settings) and then where it says “Stop recording”, choose the number of minutes you want the show to continue to record after it’s over. It’s just that simple!

7. I don’t have a question #7 because I promised not to talk about body fluids.


8. Can you wash color underwear with the whites?

I never sort my laundry by colors, because I use the Shout Color Catcher. I generally sort my laundry by weight, instead- such as heavy jeans together, towels together (because you don’t want to put fabric softener on towels, as it will cause the towels to lose absorbency) etc.

Heather says:

For the first few washings of any brightly colored underwear, they get tossed in with the brights or darks. After they’ve been around a while I toss them in with the rest of the whites. I don’t use a color catcher and haven’t had a problem. I make sorting a game with the rugrats (shh, they don’t know it’s not fun). Of course I’m not too picky about having “pretty” underwear. I’m just happy if there are no holes. Maybe I’ll care when the kids are older.

9. Is it okay to place decorative garden gnomes INSIDE your home or do they come to life at night and eat little children?

I guess I’ve told you how much I despise lawn ornaments? I hate them! So inside is a far better place for your gnomes than outside, I’d say. Ewww, lawn ornaments. Icky..
10. Does dust procreate?

Dust reproduces asexually, much like amoeba.

Heather says:

The dust itself? No, it’s mostly shed skin. Now the little buggers that eat the dust, they procreate all over the place, on your pillows, on your blankets, in your carpet, in your air ducts, even on the mantle. Feel like doing some laundry now?

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  1. RE: Tivo/Grey’s Anatomy. The Thursday episode is posted on on Friday, with very limited commercial interruption – 3 breaks I believe. I don’t watch it on TV anymore, and there’s no reason to record it. I just watch it on my computer.

  2. Hey, I just found you via a friend who sent me the link. Nifty.

    For #1, my aunt once said she places the artificial plants in a Hefty bag with a bunch of salt, and shakes. I’ve never tried it myself, not owning any fake plants, but she said it works great.

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