Sunday Confessional 11/15

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Heather says:

One of my main goals here at Home-Ec 101 is to help others realize that no one has it completely together. If from the outside they look as though everything is in order, chances are they have a fear that someone will find out they are hanging on by their fingernails? It’s ok that we put on our best for company, but there comes a time where we need to admit our shortcomings. It’s not a celebration of mediocrity, as I’ve heard it referred to, rather it’s a chance to laugh at ourselves.

The whole week has felt like a scramble to catch up, to what I don’t know. Remember last week’s roast turkey? My husband was at work, so I immediately packed the turkey away into the refrigerator and freezer. The kids and I had sandwiches (yes, turkey) and fruit for supper. . . several nights in a row.  Even as much as I know that family dinners matter, when it’s just the kids and I, it can be very hard to summon the energy to get it all together.

Oh, and those candy corn votives? The kids saw Mr. Heather snacking from them, so they are now over the fireplace and I’ve had to pry kids off the mantle several times.

So, the Sunday confessional is now open. Let’s hear it, Home Eccers, did you have any disasters this week? None of us have it all together and there is a sense of camaraderie when we own up to our flubs.

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21 thoughts on “Sunday Confessional 11/15”

  1. I have not made supper for many days now… I just can not muster the energy or I have been distracted by other things and by the time I think about it the kids have already had a bowl of cereal or some other snack and are no longer hungry.

    I also have not been as quick to get the sewing projects done as I would like. All my quick easy projects are turning in to huge headaches and lots of stitch ripping.

    Hoping for a more productive energetic week ahead.

  2. I am royally ticked OFF. I JUST NOW burned tonites cornbread. We WERE having ham and bean soup with cornbread, but I am SOOOOOO not about to make more now. Just FORGET it! There! I feel a little better.

  3. So, I did something awful: on top of teaching at a local university, I'm in the middle of studying for my PhD oral exam that's on Friday (eeek!), so the past couple of weeks I haven't had much time to clean/cook/etc. Anyways, some friends decided to drop by (thankfully they called ahead by like 10-15 min.); there were dirty dishes allll over the kitchen, and books & crap all over the living room/dining room. Yeah…we ended up shoving the mess into the office/laundry room and hiding the dishes in the oven and underneath the sink. I'm gross. Normally I would be too embarrassed to admit it, but I've been so busy that I just don't care at the moment!

  4. I love the bit about the candy corn votives. Ah, if not for children and pets, how creative we could be… you could use King Leo peppermint for the same effect at Christmas but the same risk would apply. 😀

  5. The hubs has been away for a few days and I've either eaten out or just made a sandwich for myself. So much for my reputation as one who makes nutritious meals ……… it's usually, but obviously not always, true! I've been lazy about dishes and bed-making this week, too ………….. shhh …. don't tell my adult children!
    I've also been struggling to get the paper clutter sorted and organized, as it spills over in the dining room. So I called Stanley Steemer this week and made an appointment for them to come tomorrow morning ……… now I HAVE to at least pick all that up and vacuum in there so the guys can clean my carpet! So you know what I'm doing tonight! lol

  6. Goodness! I have a laundry list of shortcomings, lol! I usually have at least one night each week that is an "on your own night." Everyone can fix whatever they want for dinner. I have been so slow keeping up with the chores. Sometimes I just get so tired of feeling like I am a hamster running in the wheel. I love being a homemaker, but yes sometimes it gets old trying to keep everthing sparkeling and beautiful. Some days I just don't give a rip if there is gunk on the stove from last nights dinner! Some days I feel bad about it and other days I remind myself that I am not perfect, nor do I have to be. My husband and children are the people who matter the most and if they don't mind when things are crazy in the house, then I should not beat myself up for it. I am having a terrible time sitting down and focusing on my blog. I have a quilt that is crying to be finished, yet other things keep getting in the way. OK, I'll quit whining now. Thank you for the pity party opportunity, lol. 🙂

  7. I tried making chicken broccoli cups and they did not turn out pretty. The topping overflowed the muffin tin. My 16 year old looked at it and said "I'm sure it'll taste better than it looks" which struck me as very funny but true, lol! I still don't know what I did wrong. They did taste good but didn't look as cute as in the picture. In fact, they looked downright awful!

    ~ Nan

    • Link me the recipe and I'll see if I can figure out potential missteps. I also hate when food comes out ugly. I know it doesn't need to be gorgeous to taste right, but there is a lot of satisfaction in a pretty & tasty item.

  8. I am trying to turn over a new leaf. Me and DH are de-cluttering one room at a time. So even though my bedroom is free of clutter (for the first time in years), my kitchen is clean, and has been clean more then it is dirty (which is a whole other battle with the people in this house), I would lock the door to my den and the kids play room, in embarrassment. We need to put the stuff someplace until we can decide what to keep and what to freecycle!

  9. yeah….I've had a kidney infection since Friday so I haven't been in the best of moods/attitudes….one day I made breakfast for supper (lack of going to the store and nothing on hand looked appetizing LOL)–but my pancakes turned out AWFUL LOL the sausage and eggs were great but the pancakes flopped!


  10. I fed my kids fish sticks and mac-n-cheese tonight. Some pineapple rings, too. It has been a grumpy last few days so I just did the quick dinner and vowed to do better tomorrow (maybe).

    • We had a stretch of nasty weather, just chilly and pouring down rain. I think that played a big part in the whole not feeling like cooking deal. We had a nasty virus run through the week before, so we were totally souped out. 😉

  11. glad, i'm not the only one who hasn't felt like cooking this week. It must be this gloomy weather and shorter daylight hours.
    Last night, I had every intention of cooking black bean soup with cranberry corn muffins and potatoes with beans which, would have lasted for a few days. the butter melting in the microwave overflowed all over the turning tray. At that moment, I turned off the vegetable stock simmering on the stove, cleaned up the butter and went in the bedroom to read a book. No motivation what so ever.

    Also, I feel like people are getting more aggressive on the road. And they are just as mean in the grocery store as they are on the road. It's not my fault you waited until 3 o'clock on Sunday to do your weekly food shopping. There is no need to be rude!

  12. Just found your blog….great stuff. I'm going to "give" it to my son and new daughter-in-law when they get married (or with a shower gift?) this summer!! They both are clueless about housekeeping, cocoking, etc.

    My dughter is a vegetarian and has been asked to bring something for Thanksgiving that she can eat and that will provide a taste of something good and different than the usual Turkey-day fare. We have'nt come up with anything "spectacular" but I thought I would try your readers. Any suggestions? She is a pretty good cook, so it doesn't have to be super easy, just needs to taste great! Thanks.

    • Side or main course? My friend has a great sweet potato casserole which is layered sliced sweet potatoes and sliced apples, with some cider poured over and baked. It's very good and much lighter than the standard mashed sweet potatoes. If a main course, perhaps a vegetable frittata with onion, pepper, mushrooms (you could use anything really, green beans or asparagus work too).

          • Susan, I was having trouble posting & could not find an email addy so will add recipe here. (Sorry Heather!)
            Here's the sweet potato casserole, for 8.
            6 med. sweet potatoes, or 2/3 of a 40 oz. can of yams
            6 T. butter or margarine; 1/2 tsp salt; 1/3 cup of brown sugar, packed
            2 apples, pared, seeded, sliced
            Prick and bake the potatoes at 400 deg for 40 min. until tender. When cool enough to handle, peel and slice . Melt butter. Place 1/2 potatoes in a greased 2-qt casserole, top with 1/2 the apples, salt, brown sugar and butter; repeat layers. leave in fridge overnight. Next day, cook at 350 until apples are tender and mixture is hot.

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