Sunday Confessional and Site Admin, Now All in One

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Heather says:

Remember how I harp weekly on the premise that despite our attempts to fool others, we’re not perfect? I am currently in Nashville for the Blissdom Conference and while attending sessions, pretending like I have it all-together, wearing real-live-grown-up  clothes and everything. I left my power supply in one of the rooms.*

There have been sheepish calls to my husband, plenty of inquiry with hotel staff, and as of this moment, the mooching of a laptop from my roommate.

We all have our moments of spaz, we can either laugh it off or make ourselves miserable. What do you have to get off your chest?

*This brings me to the site admin portion of today’s discussion, posting will resume as soon as I have a power source for my computer, this may not be until Tuesday. I have not abandoned you and the winners of the T-shirt giveaway will be performed by Wednesday.*

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9 thoughts on “Sunday Confessional and Site Admin, Now All in One”

  1. I put off an entire week's worth of homework which is due tonight at midnight, because surely I'd have plenty of time to do it all today. 45 minutes ago I went to take ibuprofen for a headache and stupidly took a dose of benadryl instead. It won't harm me, but I'm going to be very sleepy very very soon. Stupid, stupid, stupid mistake. Next up: nap and then frantic homework session.

    • Marianne, this sounds so familiar because I've done the same types of things so many times. Procrastination seems to be my M.O., sad to say.

      • Yeah, mine too. The good news is that one of my two assignments has already been graded and I got a 95. Hopefully the other one will be good, too. And I did get a 3+ hour nap yesterday afternoon. LOL + :::sigh::: all in one. 🙂

  2. Love this! So glad to have met you in Nashville….don't worry, I was just one of the casts of hundreds!
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  3. Well, this week I made a big mistake that will cost me a signficant amount of money and will delay some important goals. I tend to be hard on myself, and I have been feeling so frustrated about this stupid mistake all week. Money's very tight, and it really makes me feel disappointed in myself for not being more together. Nothing to do but learn from it and move on, but I'm having trouble letting it go because the consequences will be with us for quite awhile.

  4. I have been piling all the clean laundry on the part of the couch nobody sits on… I must have the house cleaned by the weekend, but for now it will sit in a pile and I will glance at it while I sit at the computer.
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