Stupid Questions Volume 12

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Heather says:

I bet Kathy T thinks we forgot all about her stupid questions.

  • I have a tablecloth used during a Girl Scout ceremony in which we lit lots of candles. Not just ordinary white candles, but “crayola” colored candles! I have melted blobs of red, blue, yellow, and green wax all over the tablecloth. Is there a way to get the wax out or is the tablecloth history?

First use ice to harden the wax scrape with a putty knife or nylon scraper to remove as much wax as possible. Sandwich the tablecloth between two clean rags and use a hot iron to melt the wax. Use WD-40 on the remaining stain, with more absorbent rags. Remove the WD-40 with dishwashing detergent and finally launder.

  • I had just opened a brand new toothbrush right before I got sick over Christmas. I haven’t used it since because you know how bacteria tends to stick to things like wet toothbrushes. Previously I’ve cleaned toothbrushes by running them in the dishwasher, but as sick as I was with that virus I just don’t want to risk contaminating anything. Since vinegar cleans everything, would it also sanitize a toothbrush? Just curious! Do you have other ideas?

Vinegar is a wonderful cleaning tool, but it isn’t the end all when it comes to sanitizing. The ADA warns against microwaving, boiling, or running the toothbrush through the dishwasher as the manufacturer did not make the brushes with these conditions in mind. This is one time where I’d throw caution to the wind and buy a new toothbrush.

  • How does the inside of a curio cabinet collect dust? Of course, it’s been like three years and I’m just now seeing some.

Most curios cabinets are not tightly sealed. Dust eventually finds its way in via drafts. It’s been three years and you’re complaining?

  • Would you want to be famous enough to have an obituary written in advance? When I studied journalism, we had to practice writing obits and knew they were done in advance… even for the moderately famous.

Ivy wants to be so famous she becomes the example for journalism students.

  • Speaking of famous, when will we see a Home-Ec 101 TV show? You know what I’m talking about! Producer? Kathy T.! Hey Hollywood!!! I have an idea for you!

Brown nosing will get you nowhere.

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3 thoughts on “Stupid Questions Volume 12”

  1. You did remember my stupid questions! You’re like an elephant with the long memory. No brown nosing? Dangitall. Alas, you made me laugh anyway.

    PS – I did ditch the skankified toothbrush. And I will ALWAYS complain about dusting.

  2. I soak my tooth brushes and hair brushes in a VERY mild solution of bleach water. I also put a slight amount of bleach in my dish water when someone is really sick. Between that and lysol spray we have been pretty healthy this year.


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