The battle of the build-up

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Dear Home-Ec 101,

Ok, so I’ve noticed that I continue to get a build up of either laundry soap or fabric softener on inside top of my washer, the actual drum thing..I don’t know what its called. How do I keep that to a minimum… It seems like I need to wipe it down every load…

Battling build-up

WinkIvy says:

The most likely cause of this is using too much detergent. You only need to fill it up to the first line, which can be hard to see. I like Meredith’s idea of using a sharpie to show where the first line is. Same with the fabric softener, but I suggest using one of those Downy fabric softener balls, it may not actually help, but I feel like they keep fabric softener from getting everywhere. Here’s an interesting link about how they work. Neat stuff. I hope this helps- if it doesn’t, let me know and we’ll revisit this question.

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2 thoughts on “The battle of the build-up”

  1. Whoa, maybe that is the cause, I tend to load up on the laundry detergent. I’ll scale back and see what happens. Thanks again!

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