Win It: Zosephine Diaper Bag

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Heather says:

Zosephine Diaper Bag: Kyoto

Hurray, it’s contest time!  I am very excited to announce the launch of our newest giveaway.  A Kyoto Diaper Bag by Zosephine Diaper Bags. First, head over to Home Ec 101 reviews to see what I think of the bag and why you’ll want it even if you are past the diaper days, then head back here to enter.

All done? Wonderful.

To enter* comment and link back to this post from your own blog. What? You don’t have a blog? Then email this information to your friends who may be interested. Remember the more people who hear about and enter these giveaways the more likely we will be able to host more in the future. The comments will close at 6am EDT Saturday  morning and the selection will be done by random number generation and posted by 12 noon EDT on Saturday April 5. Please be sure to use a valid e-mail address when commenting.

Good luck!

*We are sorry, but this contest is only open to residents of the US and Canada.

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72 thoughts on “Win It: Zosephine Diaper Bag”

  1. Do I get extra credit for wanting this as a gift for my sister who is due any day now? I wish I had a bag like this when my kids were diaper-bag age!

  2. Pick me, pick me !!
    This would be perfect for me : my baby is only five months old so I still have much time to use it, my new stroller is black and red, my preferred color is red.
    Plus I am French (but I live in Canada, in Toronto) and could refer my fellow citizens to Zosephine diaper bags when I’m back home on holidays.
    Plus I emailed this to 2 friends !

  3. Oh please pick me!! I just broke the zipper on my diaper bag and I need to get a new one. This one is gorgeous!!!! I would love to win this one. Thanks for the great give away!!

  4. oooh, we’re feeling blessed this week. I could definitely use this bag for toting extra stuff in the moving process. PICK ME!!! (please…)

  5. This looks just like something that I would wear! But, it is a diaper bag that is not ugly! I would love it! Thanks!

  6. how chic! I am due in just a few weeks – would love to put that pretty bag to use 🙂
    I emailed my mommy friends, too.

  7. This looks more stylish and higher quality than the laptop bag that I paid way too much for at a big box store. Count me in.

    And thanks for having give-aways like this. Home Ec 101 is awesome!

  8. I was linked over by a friend, and I’m so glad I was! What a great site and great bag! I’ll be passing on a link to my other mama friends for sure. 🙂

  9. I love the bag! I could use it for a diaper bag, but I think I’d rather use it to tote photography work and my laptop! Very hip!

  10. I am a grandma and have been looking for a bag like this…It would make a super diaper bag but I could certainly put it to use. I have so much to carry, I love all the pockets and cubbies…and it is water proof….this is a super bag for all grammys !!!!

  11. I want! I’m 13 weeks pregnant with #2 (#1 is 18 months old) so it would be perfect!

    I’m forwarding to my friend who is pregnant with triplets.

  12. i could for that would love to win this it’s so cute thanks jenny9675309(A+)y*H**(d@T)c0m

  13. Whew. I am soooo happy I don’t need a diaper bag. Not that there is anything wrong with needing diaper bags. :))) Consider the word spread though. I know people who know people who need diaper bags.

  14. Oh I love those bags! They’re gorgeous. I don’t have a diaper bag right now as mine has a strange mystery substance on it, not to mention it is bulky. So this would be a great win. 😀

  15. What a beautiful bag. I love how simple it is. No wild patterns, yet it’s so unique at the same time! I’ve blogged about your giveaway and it’s linked in my name!

  16. I really like that bag. It looks practical enough for diapers and formula, yet dressy enough for a night out.

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