Worst Thanksgiving Day Foods

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retrochick.JPGIvy says:

Ah, Thanksgiving is tomorrow and we’ll have lots of tasty food to eat. Or will we? I’m not cooking, so it’s bound to be at least somewhat good, but certain foods are just not my cup of tea.

What are the worst Thanksgiving foods? My money’s on cranberry mousse, green bean casserole, and anything with turnips in it, unless said turnips are raw. Heather’s a waldorf salad hater. What are you not looking forward to?

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10 thoughts on “Worst Thanksgiving Day Foods”

  1. Cranberry sauce that’s shaped like a can and “dressing.” It’s un-Southern of me to say so, but I hate dressing. Just can’t eat it. Or stuffing. Yuck.

    I like green bean casserole, though.

  2. Green bean casserole was banned a long time ago (YAY!!), but I still take a tiny polite serving of sweet potatoes with marshmallows. It’s just too much sugar and goo for me. Occasionally a mince meat pie appears (isn’t that more Christmas though?) and I always pass on that too.

  3. I can’t stand green bean casserole. I don’t like onions, plain and simple. That said i’m still required to make it. Bleh. And don’t get me started on the texture! ew.

  4. My SMIL (step-mother-in-law) and her family make chicken and noodles, and put it on top of mashed potatoes instead of gravy. Apparently this is a Southern Indiana thing. I think it’s foul (pun intended), especially when you’re already eating another bird (um… turkey?). I intend to steal enough turkey fat to make my own frigging normal gravy tomorrow, and I really don’t give a flying casserole if I offend.

  5. Hate: aspic/jello molds of any type, spray whipped topping or CoolWhip, and rolls from a can…I can’t eat them now, but I always hated them. (Yes, I know it’s heretical, but that includes crescent rolls.)

    This is my first year cooking a turkey without dressing: my husband and I both have gone wheatless…me because I’m allergic to it, and him because he thinks it might be affecting him, too, just not as much as it affects me. So I stuffed the turkey with rice and spiced vegetables, and crossed my fingers. So far, it smells good… And I’m doing green beans with slivered almonds instead of green bean casserole.

    As a native born Texan, Thanksgiving requires sweet potato casserole…with pecans and plenty of vanilla. Marshmallows are optional…lately I’ve done meringue instead.

  6. NOT looking foward to marshmellows on sweet potatoes, canned cranberries, chunks of celery or onions in the dressing, and too much sage on anything.


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