Organizational Challenge: The Freezer

Graphic elements: two tote bags, an open cardboard box, a chest freezer on a pale background with the text Weekly organizing challege week 11 the freezer

Today’s organizational challenge is the freezer. We are setting ourselves up for success in the future and not focusing on the past. Please try not to dwell on any should haves. I’ve been running this site for 15 many years now and still find mystery objects in the bottom of my freezer. Life happens. You …

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Weekly Organizational Challenge Kick Off

It’s the first Sunday of the New Year. In 2023, this just happens to coincide with New Year’s Day, and we want to wish each and every one of you the happiest of New Years. We are also happy to announce that we are restarting the Weekly Organizational Challenge. We ran this back in 2016, …

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Where’s the Meat in Mincemeat Pies

mincemeat pies

Via Twitter: what exactly is mince meat pie? it isn’t meat, i know that much, but [what] is it? ~Concerned *Updated December 2022* Dear Concerned: The gag factor seems to be running high here on Home Ec 101 today. Lisa here — I love mince pies. In fact, I order them for delivery every December …

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Lentil Pilaf, Side Dish

Updated 2022 Need something warm and filling to round out your plate? This lentil pilaf side dish is great for those avoiding simple carbohydrates. It would also easily convert to a vegetarian/vegan dish simply by switching to vegetable stock. I pull out this recipe as the temperatures start to drop. I particularly like it next …

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