Avoiding the shoe drama: cubes to clean that messy closet

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retrochick.JPGIvy says:

Every single morning there is drama in my household. See, we keep our shoes in the hall closet but apparently the closet monster comes to my house every night and either mixes the shoes up and makes them hard to find, or if we’re really lucky the shoe monster comes and hides the shoes in various hard-to-find places throughout my house. It’s a load of fun searching for shoes at 6 AM when you need to leave at 5:59 AM.

I’ve been saying for years that I need to do something about the shoe closet, and I have done a lot of things like make everyone only keep one pair of shoes in the closet (that worked for about 5 minutes) and make people line their shoes up at the door the night before. (works great, if you remember to do it, and I don’t.)


What I’ve always wanted to do was get a shoe rack, but I really didn’t want to spend a bundle on one. I kept an eye out at thrift stores, but never found one. Finally, at the new Super Target grand opening in my town this weekend, I saw shoe cubes for $11. So now my closet is a bastion of organization.

bedroom and closet cleaning
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I checked Target’s ad to see if the shoe cube sale is just for the new store or if it’s for everyone, and the ad says $12.99. So, not as cheap as in the grand opening store* but still a good price. Happy organizing!

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*Unless you’re in Smyrna, TN. If you are, check out the $11 storage cubes before I come in and buy the rest of them- I have ideas, muahaha

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8 thoughts on “Avoiding the shoe drama: cubes to clean that messy closet”

  1. gasp! That looks amazing! What a vast improvement. If I got storage cubes for all of my clutter, my house would end up looking like a cube warehouse. lolololol

    Very cool!

  2. Those cubes are wonderful. I used them in my health food store for prepacked bulk seeds and nuts. Another local store used them for yarn!
    After closing my store, took them home and used them in closets for shoes, purses, craft supplies – in the garage for bags of grass seed, fire ant killer, outdoor toys, and on and on.
    They really make life much easier.

  3. IKEA also has a great hanging shoe rack for $9.95……they come in black, white, red or my favorite a cream and avacado strip. the nice thing is they are only about one foot wide and hold a dozen pair of shoes. Pam, South Bend

  4. That looks better than it did. Doesn't that cube take up even more space? You might consider an over the door shoe storage thing. That would give you more space in your closet and on the floor of that closet. Or you can fill that rack up with other things.


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