Cleaning Bedrooms And Closets: A Home-Ec 101 Guide

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bedroom and closet cleaning

The designers and decorators often tell us that bedrooms are to be an oasis. A calm place where we can go to relax and sleep. I don’t know about yours, but mine tends to be where things get stashed during the dash that happens when someone is arriving in 10 minutes. I don’t mind that my bedroom doesn’t like show floor ready; I’m happy when it is clean and neat. Our hope is that these tips will help you conquer any mess in your bedrooms and closets.


Mattress Cleaning and Other Indoor Sports

What is the best way to clean a mattress? Dec 2008 I splurged and upgraded from a queen bed to a fabulously huge king size bedset. I’ve heard of putting it outside and letting it “air out” but that’s not feasible where I live. Just curious as to what other people do.

Where Can Mildew Hide in a Bedroom

There is a musty / mildew smell in my home, but I’m having issues locating the source of the smell. As far as I can tell, it’s restricted to one bedroom. I’ve examined all of my clothing, removed the air conditioner, checked all of the furniture, and even the air ducts. Any ideas?

How to Store Blankets Without Inviting Mildew

I have a serious problem with the old lady, musty laundry smell. I keep my sleeping bag, electric blanket and my baby blanket in a chest at the foot of my bed. Is there a secret to keeping this stuff smelling fresh?

How to Remove Cat Urine from a Mattress

I didn’t realize it until it was too late that he was not going downstairs to use one of the two litter boxes. One day I went upstairs to go to bed and realized that sometime in the past two days, he had relived his bladder all over the bed!

How to Clean a Down Comforter

I received a duck down comforter as a gift last Christmas. The tag says to have it taken to the dry cleaners, but not only would it be a pain, it wouldn’t be easy on the wallet. I’m so terrified to wash it on my own that it hasn’t been washed in a year and a half. I know. I am ashamed. And I need help.

How to Clean and Care for Pillows

I have two boys and a husband, and their pillows usually only last a year. I get the heebie-jeebies when I start noticing stains. When the pillows get nasty I just throw them out and buy new ones. It seems so wasteful! Is this what I’m supposed to do, or is there some secret method for washing pillows?

Spare Sheet Storage

I needed to clean my linen closet out so I could start storing towels in there. Previously I had been storing blankets, tablecloths, and sheet sets in there; but with the overabundance of towels I have unearthed since the Great Laundry Rescue of 2007, I need to make space for them in the linen closet.

Spring Cleaning List For Bedrooms

Lets talk about spring cleaning your bedrooms. Here we go, wheee!


Avoiding the Shoe Drama

Every single morning there is drama in my household. See, we keep our shoes in the hall closet but apparently the closet monster comes to my house every night and either mixes the shoes up and makes them hard to find, or if we’re really lucky the shoe monster comes and hides the shoes in various hard-to-find places throughout my house.

Get Clothing Clutter Under Control

I find my bedroom becoming cluttered very quickly with clothes that are “too clean to wash” yet “not clean enough to put away”. I didn’t want to spend more time on laundry than I had to. What do other people do with their clothes? Do they wash every item, every time they wear it? Do they wear the same thing until it needs to be washed? Do they hang up or fold and put away slacks and jeans and tops that have been worn but aren’t dirty?

How to Eliminate Shoe Odor in Small Closets

I just did some awesome cleaning in my closet and swapped out my winter for summer stuff. I noticed my closet has a funky shoe odor. I googled it and saw a lot of ideas for getting rid of the shoe smell, but I trust Home-Ec 101 ideas more.

The Fastest And Easiest Way To Declutter Your Closet

Every once in awhile you come up with an idea that is so simple, you wonder why you didn’t think of it before.

How To Have A Linen Closet And Linens That Smell Great

I want to know how to get that “not great smell” out of my linens. I wash them and put them away and they smell great, when I get them out to use them there is no smell or an “old” smell to them. Should I wash down the walls & shelves of the linen closet?

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  1. Put your music on LOUD and have a rave while ur doing it. Do the thing which will make ur room look the tidiest first! Will make you feel better (make your bed followed by putting clothes away) Have fun


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