How to Cook a Bread and Butter Beef Roast

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Dear Home-Ec 101,
I have a couple of bread and butter roasts from our beef side and I can’t figure out the best cooking methods for them. Actually, I’ve never heard of them. Can you help?

Heather says:

The cut of beef you are referring to is from the chuck region of the cow. Chuck cuts come from the shoulder area of a side of beef.  Other names for this cut include:

Beef Cut Chart

  • Cross rib roast
  • Cross rib pot roast
  • Boston cut
  • English cut roast
  • English roast
  • Thick rib roast
  • Beef chuck cross rib pot roast

This cut of meat is not quite tender enough for dry roasting but it works very well for braising or pot roasting.

Slow, wet cooking tenderizes the meat while the fat melts slowly into the beef imparting excellent flavor.

You may want to try a basic pot roast or this wine braised roast, both work well for this cut of meat and both recipes are excellent in a crock pot or slow-cooker. Leftovers from either of these can be sliced or shredded for sandwiches.

Our family purchases beef in bulk and I have a few tips on how to buy a side of beef for those of you just checking out the process.

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9 thoughts on “How to Cook a Bread and Butter Beef Roast”

  1. This is now the only cut of meat I buy for crock pot roasting. My supermarket has it Buy 1 get 1 free several times a year.

    My friend has the BEST crock pot recipe for this cut of meat:

    1 packet of dry italian season, 1 packet of dry ranch, a can of coke( diet works just as well) and the english cut roast. Place the meat in the crock pot, top with the dry ingredients and the can of coke. cook on low for as long as you can…12 hours is best. The last 1/2 hour, shred beef and replace in juices.

    This makes incredible cheesesteak sandwiches and just plain old beef sandwiches.

    Hope you enjoy this as much as we do.

    • Thank you so much for this recipe, mine also turned out amazing & even my neighbors loved the smell of my roast lol. We thoroughly enjoyed it & will pass it on. Thank you for sharing!

  2. My hubby got me a crockpot for Christmas (he's such a romantic fool!). I have had so much fun using it. This cut of beef is perfect for crockpotting… seems that no matter how funky the meat would have been as a dry roast it works out so well in the crock pot! The prices for these roasts are often fabulous, too!

    For our barbecue we place the roast (whole) in the crockpot with a cut up medium sized onion (we keep the pieces big so we can fish them out towards the end so the kiddos don't freak out about seeing onions….our kids are weird like that). Onions on the bottom of the crockpot, piece of meat on top, 1 16oz can of tomato sauce, 1/2 cup of vinegar and 4 tablespoons of sugar. Cover and put the crockpot on high for one hour and then set it on low for 12-15 hours.

  3. I LOVE chuck roasts. They're my absolute favorite. They're best when cooked low and slow. I usually cover the roast with a simple seasoning mix: salt, pepper and garlic powder. I add one thinly sliced onion and wrap it tightly in foil. I cook it at 325 for 2 hours or until it's tender. I've also cooked it in short rib sauce (tomato sauce, brown sugar, onions, bay leaves, worcestershire sauce) and it's fabulous. The key is low and slow heat and keeping it tightly covered.

    • Any tougher cut of meat that has a fatty side should be cooked fat side up for best results. If you want a slightly (unless you turn the drippings into gravy result) you can cook the meat fat side down, but it will be less flavorful.

    • If you’re going to use a crock pot or pressure cooker, I recommend searing the roast on all sides with a drizzle of olive oil in large pan or Dutch oven. Sear on high heat (but not smoking) until very dark brown (but not burnt)…this will help render the fat. After searing you can deglaze with a bit of apple cider vinegar, or red wine vinegar, scraping up all the brown bits left behind – adds sooo much flavor! Then put into pot until fork tender.

  4. I cook my chuck or arm roast in a Pressur cooker with 1 or 2 onions and a little amount of water. Cook for about 45 minutes. Fall apart roast and delious. Make gravy from drippings and serve with mashed potatoes

  5. KATHY ON NOV.29,2018
    I cook my arm and chuck roasts in a pressure cooker with 1-2 onions about 1 cup water for 45 minutes. Falls apart and delious, use the drippings for gravy with mashed potatoes and cooked carrots.


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