Chicken in the Crockpot

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Dear Home Ec 101,

What can I put in the crock pot with some chicken breasts? I’m not wanting to dump a hunk of cream of salt and fat, Ummmm I mean cream of chicken in on top. other suggestions for something a bit different.

~Starving in Stirling

Heather says:

Who am I to knock salt and fat? They both have a role. (Plus, you can make your own cream of mushroom soup).

If you’re looking for a change of pace, why not try salsa? Put the chicken in the crock, and add about a cup of your favorite salsa. (Don’t worry about measuring it, just dump a little in). Cook until tender, then shred with forks and serve in tacos, chimichangas, or burritos.

To stretch the meat, add a can of black beans after shredding and heat through.

You can also get a flavor similar to roast chicken.


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10 thoughts on “Chicken in the Crockpot”

  1. if you’ve got bone-in meat, try red wine and mushrooms. Mmmm. Cooking sherry works too in a pinch.
    For an italian twist how about tomato sauce?
    The glory of the crockpot- Meat Liquid = FOOD

  2. My favorite…. Italian dressing and chicken broth. Once cooked through throw some cheese tortellini in there and let that cook for a few. YUMMY!!

  3. I’m so glad I asked! It was FAB! I used some Pace chunky chipole salsa with roasted jalopenas.. It had an awesome flavor. I put 3/4 of the jar in:) I then got some burrito tortillas, heated them in the microwave a few seconds, shredded the chicken, put it in the middle, put some mexican cheese on top, melted it in the microwave, wrapped and then, the best part, I dipped out some of the “salsa broth” from the bottom of the crock…put it on top.. can you say YUMMMY.. Now, since I’m having a minor surgery tomrrow and won’t be up to cooking, I’m simply removing the bones from the chicken, leaving everything else in the crock, adding some black beans, corn, and maybe a tad of taco seasoning and making some “taco chicken soup” for tomorrow night. Thanks Heather for a great suggestion!

  4. Oh wow, I LOVE crockpot season and all these suggestions sound really really delicious. I’m especially drawn to the tortellini one. . .

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