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Why Won’t My Gas Grill Get Hot?

Heather SolosOct 10, 20223 min read

Dear Home-Ec 101,The other night I decided to grill burgers, but I couldn’t get my gas grill to get hot. It was extremely frustrating, and I ended up cooking my…

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Help, My House is Full of Flies

Heather SolosAug 11, 20224 min read

Dear Home Ec 101,Every day I am killing ten to twenty house flies and horseflies. This happens every summer. I don’t know if it’s the compost pile we have out…

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It’s Time Again for Hurricane 101

Heather SolosJun 1, 20225 min read

June 1st marks the beginning of hurricane season. For those of us on the East and Gulf Coasts, we know this means anxious meteorologists glorifying every thunderstorm that appears in…

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How to Get Rid of Carpet Beetles, for Good.

Heather SolosMay 4, 20228 min read

Dear Home Ec 101,I’ve been noticing this micro tiny bug that is gray with black spots, it looks identical to a ladybug, but it is not the Asian beetle. It…

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Help, how do I get rid of drain flies?

Heather SolosApr 28, 20224 min read

Dear Home-Ec 101,I have three window wells in my finished basement. I am forever finding tiny black dead flies. I have sprayed and thrown gallons of bleach and ammonia down…

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Know Your Neighbors: Emergency Preparedness 101

Heather SolosMar 18, 20216 min read

Today’s topic has several meanings. First, know your literal, next-door neighbors. Know their names and phone numbers. Yes, this means you might have to introduce yourself after having lived in…

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Emergency Preparedness 101: How to Evacuate Safely

Heather SolosMar 16, 20216 min read

Two things before we start this basic how to evacuate safely discussion.Please note that this is a beginner look at emergency preparedness. It’s for those who are just beginning to…

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Emergency Preparedness 101: The Very Basics

Heather SolosFeb 21, 20219 min read

I live in a part of the country where our usual emergency preparedness includes being ready for hurricanes from June until the end of November, small tornadoes in the spring,…

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1 thought on “Fix It”

  1. We wintered in the South this year and just prior to leaving last year we had a trail of ants in our kitchen. They were coming up from our basement where the tile and wood meet in our family room. I sprinkled 100% pure Canada corn starch across this are (1/4" X 50") and when we arrived home months later there was NO sign of any ants. I vacuumed up the corn starch when we arrived home and have never seen another ant inside.


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