Friday Free-for-All May 27

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Heather says

I’ll be winging my way home from Manhattan this afternoon. The BlogWorld Expo Conference was a great experience; while here, I also had the chance to meet my publisher. I’ve been running full tilt for two weeks straight and I never ¬†even gave ¬†Memorial Weekend a thought.

Do you have plans?

Are you looking for picnic recipes? Do you need a refresher on avoiding the bacterial danger zone to prevent food poisoning.

If you are going to cookout and have a gas grill, check your propane levels today. It’s always a bit disappointing to run out of propane before the burgers are done.

As an added bonus, hurricane season kicks off June 1. They say it’s going to be another active year, head over to Hurricane 101 for ideas on how to plan for weather emergencies.

It’s Friday and there’s a long weekend on the horizon. I’m opening up the comments for whatever you’d like to chat about. NYC was wonderful, but I missed y’all -or maybe today it should be youse guys.

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3 thoughts on “Friday Free-for-All May 27”

  1. Two things I've learned about using a propane grill. 1) Buy a second tank and refill the empty as soon as you replace it so you always have a full tank ready to go. 2) It's much cheaper to refill your tank at the local campground then to switch out at the supermarket or big box store.

  2. I live next to an area where people like to party at the lake. Most of the time, when people are at work, it's nice. On major holidays, it's nuts. I have to stay home to guard my property. This year, there's the added benefit of major drought, high winds, and worries about idiots dropping cigarettes in dry grass, starting campfires in defiance (or clueless ignorance) of the burn ban, turning out still-burning coals from the still-allowed barbecue pits, and the perennial drunk with fireworks.

    I'm not sure why this happens, maybe it's a misapplication of the same kind of thinking that causes the belief that "what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas," but for some reason, when people go camping in parks and wild land, or get out on the lake, they seem to think that the rules of civilized behavior no longer apply to them. They hoot and holler and play loud music, get drunk, remove more clothing than they should, make out, do their business mere yards from people's homes, harass the wildlife, and leave behind all manner of disgusting and scary trash. It's as if they think that because they are in a park or out on the water, what they do cannot be seen, heard, or smelled by others. Or they feel entitled somehow. Or maybe it doesn't seem real to them. I don't know; I never behave that way anywhere I go, so I don't fully understand it.

    All I ask is that if you have plans outside your home, please behave responsibly and be respectful of the land and of the people and animals who call the area home.


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