Join the Sunday Confessional 9/26/2010

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Heather says:

One would think I must be a highly organized person and one would be slightly off-base. Once my short-term memory starts to go, I’m going to be in big trouble.

I have a hook near a door for my car keys, this usually works. Except when I forget to hang them.

My wallet? It’s usually where it belongs or in the pocket of the last pants I wore. I’m not a purse lady. I was barely a diaper-bag carrier type and a purse just seems like a big liability, hassle, and commitment to style. This ensures I’m limited to styles with pockets.

Even with my *ahem* system, the keys and wallet tend to wander off from time to time. It’s not the system, the system works when applied consistently, much like diet, exercise, and medication. Who knew? It’s crazy talk, I know.

Just before leaving for the Type-A Mom (yes, there is tremendous irony lurking about) I began searching the house for my wallet. An hour later, sweaty, nervous and late, I found it. Right where it belonged.

Life isn’t perfect, it’s not at all like the photos in glossy magazines or the artfully crafted sets and orchestrated conflict of television shows. People, especially women, are held to a ridiculous contrivance of standards, the house must be perfect, the kids must be well-mannered. No one has it together all the time, I don’t care how poised they look. Life is messy. Everyone has moments of imperfection and the Sunday Confessional is a chance for us to laugh at ourselves and you are welcome to join in.

Go ahead, leave a comment, anonymous if you’d like. We’re all human, it’s time to own it.

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16 thoughts on “Join the Sunday Confessional 9/26/2010”

  1. I walked around the house three times looking for my keys this morning.

    They were in my pocket. Where I left them when I last wore these pants. 🙂

    BTW I do the wallet thing too. Doesn't matter that I have a bowl for keys/wallet/rings/pocketknife/watches/change. None of those things ever end up in the bowl.

  2. I have thought that the world would be a better place (at least, it would for me) if women's clothes had pockets. Why is this so hard? Men's clothes have pockets, whether you're talking about men's pants, shorts, jackets, and many shirts as well. pockets everywhere, generally well-constructed AND tailored so as not to be too obvious (unless filled to the brim with overstuffed wallets). I hate the tyranny of the purse and avoid carrying one whenever possible (which means making DH do the lion's share of the driving). Problem is, once I've arrived at our destination, if there's some little goody I would like to buy, he won't let me use his money to buy it (he likes to punish me for not carrying my own money) – I try to explain that it's not my fault, it's the clothing manufacturers and their pocketless styles, but he doesn't buy it. So if women's clothes had pockets I'd have fewer squabbles with my husband.

    • I'm so with you on the pocket situation. I've always wondered why women's clothes can't have more pockets. Then I heard of a friend having pockets sewn into her clothes by a tailor. I thought this was a brilliant idea. I've only managed to do it a couple of times, but still, the option is there. I'm wondering if the dry cleaning lady who also offers alterations would do that for not too much money. It's not as good as having them there from the start, but it's something.

        • I saw a lady this weekend wearing this super cute dress, with pockets! It wasn't at all bulky, so it was proof that it can happen.
          Maybe we should start a movement. "Girls Need Pockets!" a play on Jude Milhon's mission. Sorry @alizasherman, I couldn't resist.

          • I have a silk dress – A line, no detailing – with pockets that are invisible sewn into the side seam. (one reason I can never give this dress away). So I know it can be done! I like the idea of a movement.

  3. You couldn't tell it by looking at my house, but I'm insane about putting things back after I use them, especially if it' someone elses. And I don't mind anyone using my things IF THEY PUT THEM BACK so I can find it when I need it. I STILL cannot find my Oreck iron — it's been at least 6 months, and DD swears she didn't move it from where I kept it….yeah…

    ANYWAY — my confession is related to this. I have a super-amazing, wonderful boxcutter (STOP LAUGHING) that I rarely let anyone use. (This is because the last one I had got left outside in the MUD and rusted). So I was going to let my son use it, and it wasn't where it's supposed to go. I got mad and said he must hav e used it and not put it back and he'd just have to make due with the really lame one we have that barely works.

    Then I went over to the rental house to paint some more — I found it on the floor in a corner. Right where I left it.


  4. I stress out a lot. Some days more than others. Well, today, I just seemed to add stress to my life and to the lives of my son and husband. I hate being responsible for ruining other people's days, but I sort of did that today. Maybe not ruin, but put a big damper on things. I'd love to blame it on the hot weather (it's 100+ nowadays) or PMS, but the truth is, I planned poorly, not at all really, which made me late, which made me stressed, which made me act that out because mostly I was mad at myself. It's not pretty, but that's my life today. I messed things up and now I'm trying to get over it.

  5. I gave up on the purse many years ago, mainly because I was tired of going back to wherever I had been to get it. Wallet all the way, keys on a snap. I solved the no=pockets thing by just wearing men's jeans in relaxed fit – try some and you'll be shocked at how decently they fit! Men's jeans are also made of heavier material. I had been wearing women's jeans completely out in 3 months or so; men's last 6 to 8 months.

    My consession is I was so worn out last night I forgot my meds, dooming today's productivity.

    • My jeans have pockets, and I've finally found a style where I buy several to ensure I'll have a few just in case they are hard to find in a year or two (Levi's 505). it's when I try to dress professionally or nicely that I seem to run into trouble.
      Did you hear they are doing vanity sizing in men's jeans now? Crazy.
      I hope you're feeling better today.

      • The vanity sizing drives me F@#%ing crazy. I used to be a size 8 and now in some stores I am down to a 4. Trust me, I have never been a size 4 in my whole life. And I'm still not. If I try on fancy designer clothes (just for fun) I'm probably a 10 or something. I wish they would just let everyone be honest with themselves, I'd really rather be able to just get in and out of the store without having to try on 5 different sizes every time. It's about time men got their due on that one 😉

        I hear Levi's is now making jeans based on your butt size – I'm paraphrasing here but they come in "no butt," "some butt," and "big butt." fantastic. I've been wanting to try them.

  6. I get that way. It's not a fun feeling and it is so easy for it to spiral into more tenseness and stress. Usually it happens when I've been running too hard for too long. Metaphorical, not physical running. Can you try putting on the brakes for a couple days? I don't mean letting everything go. I just mean turning off the computer, pulling out an "only for fun" book or movie, and just forcing yourself to not deal with it until the day. Sometimes it takes a couple evenings in a row to break the cycle, but it seems to help (provided no one falls out of bed and breaks their arm, like happened to us a couple weeks ago!) Oy.

  7. Life is for living. No one ever said, "Oh, I shoud have cleaned my house more."
    So we went hiking yesterday, a completely gorgeous fall day and left the cleaning and laundry for tomorrow.

  8. my sister in law was throwing out a wooden key rack/double memo holder several yrs ago. well, i salvaged it, painted it to match the accessories in my kitchen, hung it up and it does get used…problem is we collect so many keys on it that when we go to looking for a specific key that might only get used a few times a yr. we find that we have to take down a whole handful as we forget where and what the keys belong to…and we never got around to marking one time we had about 12 keys that didn't belong anywhere!

  9. I bought a new car 3 months ago, and we cleaned out the old one before we got rid of it. Among the important things I keep in my car are my glasses (I use them primarily for driving at night/cloudy days). A couple of weeks after we got the new car, I kept thinking that I really should get those glasses and put them in the car. Kept forgetting to do it, until one day when I just bit the bullet and went through the house looking for them. Everywhere I could think of. Couldn't find them anywhere. Husband looked too. Nowhere to be found. Had to go to lenscrafters and get a new pair. Not covered by insurance. $250 down the tubes (ouch). Not one week later, for no good reason, I'm playing around in the new car and it has one of those fancy sunglass holders up in the ceiling, and i opened it up. Guess what was inside. Yep. Glasses. I looked at my husband, but god bless him, he has never said a word to me about it.


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