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finger-up.JPGIvy says:

Folding laundry takes a lot of time, so why are you folding your underwear? Seriously, guys, when is the last time you saw  wrinkly underwear? If you’re in an auto accident and they have to strip all your clothes off, do you think the paramedics are going to laugh at your wrinkly underwear? No, of course not, they’ll be too busy laughing at your holey underwear.

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Lesson learned: Throw away the holey underwear and don’t bother folding undies.

Now, let’s hear it from you: What do you do to save time on laundry?

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7 thoughts on “How to save time with the laundry | Quick Tip”

  1. I hang up everything except underwear, sweaters & pajamas. You can hang up 3 shirts on hangers in the time it takes to neatly fold one.It is easier for my kids to keep something on a hanger in their closets than neatly folded in the drawers. Hanging up clothes also keeps them wrinkle-free (unless you have so many clothes that you are cramming them in; in that case you probably ought to sort through them and take some to charity).

  2. (I sure wish this site would remember my information!)

    To save time, and because I can’t have a W/D where I live, I pay the nice ladies at the laundromat to do my wash for me. But I ended up refolding everything anyway, because I’m so darn particular.

    I loooove my undies folded into those cute little packages!

  3. I fold my wash right out of the dryer, except underwear(they get folded in half) and socks all go in a basket. I also sort by person and stack in piles. It would be great if I could just leave it like that. I need help getting them to their drawers. If only they could walk there:)

  4. I have pop-up baskets in my closets, (secured to the wall with a mirror hanger, so they don’t kick around): 1 each for socks, undies, and bra’s. The socks get folded together, everything else gets tossed into it’s proper basket.

  5. I do one mega-day of laundry each week so I don’t have to make multiple trips to closets all week.

    I put the kids’ pajamas in the bathroom so that saves another trip dripping water down the hallway post-bath.

    I am really enjoying your site!

  6. I don’t fold socks, pillow cases, pajamas or sheets. Ever. As a matter of fact, I don’t fold anything really…OK, so I’m a slacker.

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