Sunday Night Reminder

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girl Heather says:

Tomorrow begins the first full work week of the New Year. (Shift workers, my family is in your boat, so I do feel your pain.)  Consider taking a few minutes tonight to avoid a hectic Monday morning.

Decide and layout what you will wear. (If you have children, do the same for them)
Locate all needed items: briefcases, purses, keys, backpacks, and diaperbags
Take five minutes and plan for breakfast and lunch
Set your alarm for ten minutes earlier than necessary.
Turn off the tv and computer at a decent hour.  Unless it’s due tomorrow, it will wait.

What do you do beforehand to make your week run more smoothly?

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3 thoughts on “Sunday Night Reminder”

  1. Great minds think alike, I have already done these things(except for turning off the computer, 10 more minutes I promise!) to prepare for getting my 2 kids up to take my dd to kindergarten in the morning, 7 am comes way too early for us ‘non’morning people!

  2. I plan our menu out a month at a time and then make a weekly shopping list. Monday night is shopping night so the rest of the week flows smoothly. Otherwise…we end up eating WAY too much fast food! It also saves a ton of money because we only hit the grocery store once a week.

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