Thanksgiving, Let’s Get Ready

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Today starts Countdown to Turkey Day 2021. Did you know that we’re counting down to our 14th Turkey Day together?

A lot of things have changed. There are different faces around the table, some are new and some are no longer with us. Also, most of us did not expect to be spending a second Thanksgiving taking COVID into consideration, but here we are and we will make the best of it.

Today’s jobs? Well, you have three, since we’re doing a condensed version. Decide when and where Thanksgiving Dinner will happen. (If you’re hosting it at someone else’s place you may want to should check with them first. Most of the tasks that fall on the hosting side of Thanksgiving will inevitably assume that you are doing so in your own home, or a place you feel comfortable enough to clean. There’s only so much I can one-size-fits-all.)

About that guest list.

Who do you want to invite?

Who do you have to invite?

Under normal circumstances, I would also ask you to consider who in your circle of acquaintances that may not have close friends or family in the area and extend an invitation to your home. Unfortunately, like last year, we have to take into consideration vulnerability, vaccination status etc before extending invitations. IF it is possible and safe, an invitation may mean more than you will ever know.

I also know that *I* have not been on the ball and that there is not a lot of time to plan—about two and a half weeks—so if you want to extend that invitation, now is the time.

Please remember that if you have to attend a family Thanksgiving, there’s nothing stopping you from hosting a Friendsgiving on another day. I know the calendar says Thanksgiving is on Thursday the 25th, but really, what is stopping you from having a day on Saturday or Sunday? Budget? Have everyone bring their leftovers. As much as I love the food. It’s not the food that makes the memories. (Unless we’re talking about the cornbread dressing, but I digreg.)

While you’re thinking about who may be coming, try to remember if there are any dietary restrictions you’ll need to accommodate. We’ll need that for tomorrow’s assignment.

Things to remember for Thanksgiving 2021:

  • It’s not going to be perfect, but perfection isn’t the point.
  • This year when planning, have a back up plan for any “specialty” or hard to find item.
  • Give yourself and others more grace.

Here are your assignments:

  1. Figure out what time and where Thanksgiving Dinner will be served.
  2. Figure out your tentative guest list and any allergies they may have.
  3. Find your dining room table. It’s been a long year. Has it become the catch all for everything? (There’s no judgment. Mine currently has a couple of Halloween costumes, a step-stool, and a potty seat —new, in the box, thank you very much, it’s going to the sitter’s tomorrow morning, I’m actually editing this ahead of time for once)

Are you hosting Thanksgiving this year? Is it your first?

What are you excited to try, what makes you nervous?

Do you wish I’d stop asking questions?

Me, too.

Let’s do this.


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5 thoughts on “Thanksgiving, Let’s Get Ready”

  1. Heather … here come the holidays, rolling over us! God bless you this year as you heal and move forward from all that has gone on …… please give my LOVE to Ivy as you are in touch. Happy swiftly moving holidays! LOL

    • I absolutely will. The holidays last year were rough, but manageable. Ivy is doing well and I will absolutely pass on your love. It’s funny how different our lives turned out from when we first launched this site.

  2. Happy Holidays!
    My family & I will hopefully be having Thanksgiving at my folks’ house, they live in a nearby village. We are planning to be flexible in case something comes up so I will be planning a much simpler “backup plan” at my house. (Veggie chili, turkey sandwiches, & corn bread muffins from a box will hopefully still feel a bit like Thanksgiving if we’re together via FaceTime instead.) I have the ingredients for a pumpkin pie from a can. My very first homemade pie! That will make Thanksgiving special no matter where we are.


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