7 Places To Use Bar Keepers Friend

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how to use bar keepers friend
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Hi Ivy and Heather,

Long time reader, 2nd time emailer.  😉

I was squealing with delight when I saw Barkeeper’s Friend at my local Bed Bath and Beyond.  I know in many of your posts, you recommend using it for cleaning various things.  Of course, now that I have it, I can’t think of one of the uses.  What should I use this miracle cleaner to clean?

Bar Keepers New Best Friend

Heather says:

You have definitely come to the right place. Here’s a list of seven places to try out your new toy. One would think the fine folks behind Bar Keeper’s Friend would be banging down our door to sponsor us.

  1. Clean grungy grout.
  2. Remove mildew from showers.
  3. Remove grease from oven windows.
  4. Clean stainless steel cookware
  5. Remove burnt food from ceramic stoves.
  6. Remove ink from a laminate counter.
  7. Clean Corian

If this isn’t enough to get you going, you can check out the Bar Keepers Friend Suggested Uses page or I am sure some

of our Home Eccers have found plenty of ways to keep you busy.

To keep you out of trouble remember, you should never use BKF to clean silverware, real marble, pewter, the kids, or the family pet.

If you still have questions about Bar Keepers Friend, email helpme@home-ec101.com.

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19 thoughts on “7 Places To Use Bar Keepers Friend”

  1. We only have one store here that carries it and when I saw it, I too snatched it up. I used it to clean my bathroom counter. Loved the way it cleaned but the smell repealed me and seemed to linger. Anyway to counter act that or do they make something similar with another scent or no scent?

    • This is truly a miracle product. for cleaning the bathtub and scouring the sink. To me, it has no odor. Low-cost must-have in any cleaning arsenal!

  2. I used to use it when I worked at a summer camp. They had EXTREMELY hard water that would turn the white fiberglass shower stalls a metallic gold color. The only thing that worked was barkeeper’s friend and greasy elbows.

  3. I last used it to clean the inside of our glass fireplace cover. Did a great job on the brass as well.

    It’s also great for cleaning scummy build-up in the tub.

  4. I have a ceramic top stove and many gunky burn spots that seem impossible to remove. Even tried the magic eraser. I am so gonna get some of this stuff to remove it. Thanks for the tip!

    • Mrs Taylor,
      BKF powder is sold at most Ace Hardware Bed Bath and Beyond,Do It Best,Kmart,
      Meijer,Lowes,Walmart,Menards,True Value,William Sonoma and Home Depo stores.
      Mrs Taylor if you cant find BFK .You can always order direct by calling us at1-800-433-8818.
      Charlene VanSlyke
      SerVaas Laboratories

  5. My mother always used this growing up to clean the cast iron tub and sinks because it won’t pit them. It also takes rust stains out of fabrics.

    And our local Walmart carries it. As do most of the hardware stores (Ace Hardware and Home Depot) and several of the local grocery stores. I wasn’t aware that it was a rare product.

  6. Bar Keepers Friend is one of my essential cleaning products (along with Dawn dish soap, white vinegar, baking soda, salt, bleach, and Windex).
    If something like vinegar doesn’t work on a surface or spot, try BKF. It’s especially great on getting pots and pans really clean, and for getting that koolaid stain off the counter, or for getting grunge off of glass (like oven doors and fireplace doors).
    You do have to rinse with water (or a wet rag), of course, but it’s a great cleaner.
    Look for it with the other cans of cleanser (e.g., Comet) in the cleaners aisle in your supermarket or at Walmart. (The can is gold colored) It’s “cheap and cheerful,” as the Brits say.

  7. You should be able to find Bar Keepers Friend at Walmart, at least I can get it here in California and it is much cheaper than the specialty stores that sell it. Love the stuff.

  8. This is also a great product for cleaning tile floors when you move/replace appliances (if you move them and clean them regularly you probably don’t need it…..but if you are like the rest of us and only move these beasts when something is wrong, this can get up all the fabulous stains that lurk underneath!)

    We have it out here in Arizona in the Walmarts and Lowes…..right there beside the Ajax/Comet. Not expensive at all!!

  9. I see this was posted in 2009. I found it doing a search on whether Bar Keeper’s Friend can be used to clean the inside of an oven. I have tried other links, also, but have not found out. Yours is the closest, saying you can clean the oven window with it. Have you ever used it on the inside of your oven? I am sensitive to products with strong odors, and also to smoke, so can’t use the self cleaning feature. I have already made some progress with baking soda and vinegar, but haven’t gotten all of the stains out yet.

    • I think it would be fine to clean your oven but you would have to rinse it really well to get the residual fine powder off. And by really well I mean you will need to change the water and get a clean rag once or twice. If you didn’t have problems with smoke I wouldn’t be so particular, however.

  10. Tried Comet cleanser with bleach to clean stain from kitchen tile with NO success. Next day, I decided to try the Bar Keepers Friend and the stain came out in seconds. Really neat!
    Can BKF be used on Nickel faucets, glass shower doors, or fiberglass tub? So far, I have only used it on metal.


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