Ask the Audience: Where to Find a Fine Mesh Lingerie Bag

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Dear Home-Ec 101,
I was hoping you could help me find some lingerie bags. I’ve been looking for the kind with a very fine mesh so the bra hooks don’t snag my other clothing.  I found the one I have at K-Mart several years ago, but it seems to have been discontinued. I have been looking in the usual stores and all I can find are the bags with the large holes.
Can you help?
An Unholy Mesh

where to find a fine mesh lingerie bag

Heather says:

I admit it, I’m lazy in the laundry room, especially when it comes t0 washing brassieres.  I make sure the hooks are hooked and I toss them in the washer on hand wash. I then let them air dry, but that’s me.

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Sadly, I have no idea where to find one of these bags, so I’m going to open it up to the audience. A quick Google pulled up a bunch of sites, but nothing on the first or second page made me say, “Wow, I’d like fork over my credit card information to them.” So ladies, where is your favorite place to purchase lingerie bags with a very fine mesh?

Lots of great suggestions in the comments! 

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14 thoughts on “Ask the Audience: Where to Find a Fine Mesh Lingerie Bag”

  1. I've seen them at Target and Walmart… the ones I bought were Tide brand. Very sturdy, small holes. I still hook my bras before I put them in the bag, but they don't always stay that way. The bags have worked great! They're big enough to hold a fine sweater or two, as well, which is handy. I'll put bras in one and a sweater in the other, no worries!

  2. 3 pack at the Dollar Tree= great stocking stuffers and just the right size for even my 44DD.
    Bed, Bath & Beyond where coupons never expire
    Hanes, Bali Outlet Stores.

  3. If you know an Oprah Bra sales person, call them! They have the best ones ever! They are huge and perfect for bras,o f course , but I use one for socks!

  4. You don't need to order one if you have a Babies R Us nearby. They have fine mesh bags that are used to hang on the changing table to put hold a baby's dirty clothes. The idea is to throw the entire bag in the wash machine when it is full. The mesh is pretty small on them, but what I like is the nice zipper. The zippers on my other laundry bags always come open and the contents are strewn about the washer making wonder why I used a bag in the first place. These bags are located in the bathing/diapering area of our store. Let me know if you look and can't find. Good luck.


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