Laundry Supplies: A Home-Ec 101 Guide

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Clothes can get clean with just the basic soap and water, but good laundry supplies make doing the wash much easier. There are many detergents, softeners, and accessories and we’d like to help you figure out which ones work the best for you. Following are articles answering reader’s questions and sharing tips that we have learned; just click on the title of the article you want to read more of.

laundry supplies guide

Ask the Audience: Where to Find a Fine Mesh Lingerie Bag

I was hoping you could help me find some lingerie bags. I’ve been looking for the kind with a very fine mesh so the bra hooks don’t snag my other clothing. I have been looking in the usual stores and all I can find are the bags with the large holes.

Borax and washing soda and where to find it all, oh my! (updated)

I have long wished to use washing soda and borax–suggested in all sorts of green home guides for everything from dishwashers to washing
machines–but I cannot find them locally. Internet searches have been to no avail either. Do you know where I can buy them online?

Can I Use Dish Soap in the Clothes Washer?

So, uh, how bad is it if I add a little liquid dish detergent when I’m running out of laundry detergent? I swear my momma didn’t raise me this way.

Fabric Softener Debate

It’s been awhile since we had a good, rousing debate about householdy stuff.

How to Use Bleach Safely

Over the past few years, I have gotten the impression that many people are using chlorine bleach in an unsafe manner. Chlorine bleach aka sodium hypochlorite is a powerful disinfectant and is one of only a few widely available, inexpensive sanitizing agents.

How to Use Vinegar and Borax in the Laundry

You mentioned using vinegar or borax to remove detergent build-up from towels.  We have hard water in our area and I believe this could be a problem for us, even though I haven’t had a problem with odor.  I have a few questions.

Just Say No to Jugs with Method

There’s no measuring. There’s no sticky laundry cap. There’s no guessing and there’s no need to buy the ginormous jugs of laundry detergent to prevent extra trips to the store

Make your laundry detergent stretch farther

I wish I could remember where I read this tip, so I could properly credit it.

More Laundry Soap Is Not Always Better

If I have a particularly dirty load of laundry (say, woke up to find the cat had puked on the bed), does it do any good to add extra laundry detergent? In other words, does more detergent=cleaner laundry?

Quick frugal tip

about dryer sheets

Sodium percarbonate? What is it again?

Where can I get sodium percarbonate?

Sunlight as a Disinfectant for Laundry

I’ve seen a couple of posts where you’ve mentioned that sunlight is a disinfectant… I wondered if you had any idea how effective it actually is, and whether the temperature outside influences its effectiveness?

What About Soap Nuts?

Are soap nuts ok to use in my high efficiency washing machine? Since HE washers don’t agitate like standard top loading washers, I was curious if the soap nuts would be effective.

information about washing things
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Who Needs Dryer Sheets?

Method has a new line of dryer sprays and as you would expect I’m a happy person. Those of you begging me to give you an alternative to vinegar as a softener, HERE YOU GO. You can have your non-headache causing scented towels and eat it, too. As with the scented laundry detergent, I’m happy to report that I can use Method’s products headache free.

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  1. I have hard water where I live, and I want to know of adding table salt to laundry with hard water will improve the cleaning of clothes?


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