Post-Turkey Day Fearless Friday

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Heather says:

Well, it’s the morning after one of the biggest cooking fests of the year (Christmas and Easter are close on the heels of Thanksgiving in my home).

How was your holiday? Apologies to my Canadian and other Home Ec readers, sometimes you just have to put up with my American perspective.

Did you attempt anything new? How did it turn out?

I admit it, after this year’s pre-Thanksgiving day photo shoot I totally took it easy and enjoyed dinner at my mom and stepdad’s. I brought the broccoli salad and apple pie. I nearly ate myself sick on collard greens (he uses bacon instead of smoked sausage).

Sweets for the Season launches tonight tomorrow, but I have a big, new project on my plate. So this year I am approaching it a little differently. I will be re-visiting many of the previous years’ recipes and taking new, hopefully better pictures. Look for one recipe a day, tomorrow through Christmas Eve.

If you have a request for a cookie or dessert recipe, please feel free to send it my way. Additionally, I would love to do a recipe carnival that includes your favorite cookie recipes.  The deadline for that will be December 11. If you don’t have a blog, you are still welcome to participate and your recipe / photo will be included in the post.  If you do send me your favorite recipe, make sure the narrative is your own. This is important, so I don’t accidentally infringe on any one’s copyright. Send links to posts or your recipes to and be sure to put Cookie Carnival in the subject line. (This will help me not lose anyone’s entry in a deluge of spam). I’m hoping to get the carnival posted on the 15th of December.

This really is my favorite time of year.

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8 thoughts on “Post-Turkey Day Fearless Friday”

  1. Our holiday was wonderful, I'm at my sister's in Denver. We did nothing new, but the turkey, dressing and gravy turned out great and my sister's MIL makes great pies. We all ate too much but it wouldn't be Thanksgiving if we didn't.

  2. our dinner was declicious and the company was wonderful. The onlyl thing i tried different was the dressing, I did it in the crock pot and did apples instead of water chesnuts. I will do the crock pot again, but totally missed the crunch of the water chestnuts

  3. I did one totally new thing – the Apple Cranberry dressing that you published earlier. It was excellent. Pies were the same as I usually do, one blueberry and one apple. Blueberry is disappearing quickly as my DH has been eating it for breakfast.

  4. We had a lovely day at my mom's. She cooked the main dishes but I brought a couple of sides and one dessert. I am particularly proud of the dessert – a dark chocolate cheesecake (recipe at in a springform pan which I've never done before (the cheesecake or the pan). It came out fantastic looking and tasting which hardly ever happens for me!

  5. There were nine of us for Thanksgiving……us seven and then my SIL and her son. I had a great time cooking it all up that morning (after using the water method to thaw the bird, THANKS!). The house smelled delicious all day. I stuck to the usual recipe but did add some deviled egg snacks to get the kids through to the FEAST (they LOVE deviled eggs……I do not). Not really a Thanksgiving dish but this was something new for me. They turned out pretty good.

    Am proud to say that I accomplished all of this with only one oven rack (my other oven rack has mysteriously disappeared and no one will lay claim to its location…..welcome to my bizarre world. WHO takes an oven rack and what, for heaven's sake, would one do with an oven rack?)


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